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Wednesday 06th, May 2009
Underground Sessions 2

Underground Sessions 2 Mixed By Manuel Le Saux


01: Hampshire & Bissen - The Vault (Original Mix)
02: Frase - No Way Through (Original Mix)
03: Matt Hardwick - I Am DJ (Ben Gold Remix)
04: Thomas Datt - Mass Effect (Original Mix)
05: Activa Vs. Chris & Matt Kidd - U.R. (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
06: Vicky Devine - Facing The Truth (Danny Powers Remix)
07: Manuel Le Saux - Reflex (Original Mix)
08: Niklas Grosswald - Backdraft (Original Mix)
09: Garry Heaney - Too Far Gone (Original Mix)
10: Tom Colontonio - Mercury Retrograde (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
11: Sean Tyas - Melbourne (Original Mix)
12: Oliver Brooks - One Night In Gaunt Street (Original Mix)
13: Manuel Le Saux - Lost Odyssey (Original Mix)
14: Activa - This World (Original Mix)
15: Kane Nelson - Red Trigger (Original Mix)
16: Activa - Affirmation (Colontonio Remix)
17: Bryan Kearney -You Will Never Be Forgotten (Activa Remix)
18: Tiddey - Taylla (Original Mix)

Manuel Le Saux mixes his first cd for the Recoverworld group in the form of Underground Sessions 2. Following on from Thomas Datt’s rather impressive mix cd (Underground Sessions 1) Manny plays the type of trance that he loves to produce and play in the form of energetic uplifting and driving trance.

The cd covers not only the best of 2009 so far for the group of labels including labels such as Discover, Flux Delux, Kill The Lights etc but also the best of the next month or so of this label’s ever increasing list of forthcoming material.

The cd showcases a lot of the newer faces to the label who have emerged on the scene in a big way in the last year or so, names like Vicky Devine, Tiddey, Kane Nelson and even Manny himself.

The cd starts on a little more melodic vein before it’s evolution into uplifting and driving trancers at the end. Hampshire & Bissen kick things off with “The Vault” which is released as Discover Records 50th release and combines the driving power that Chirs Hampshire brings with the very lush melodies from Bissen (who is one of my favourite producers of 2009 so far).

Moving on Frase delivers a summery piece of trance which is certainly going to be big over the summer with a lot of djs and fans alike. This is one of the first unreleased tunes of quite a few on this cd.

Matt Hardwick chips in with only his second solo release on his Kill The Lights record label. Ben Gold on the twiddlers giving it a fresh new slightly techier twist without losing it’s melodic appeal.

Up next is Thomas Datt’s – Mass Effect track which is based around a complex melody that only Thomas can produce. Fans of Thomas will be pleased to hear that the wait for this one is nearly over.

Activa teams up with Chirs & Matt Kidd to bring us “UR” next and this track has been around in it’s original form ever since Activa’s Live As Volume 6 cd. This time however Stoneface & Terminal have given it their distinctive twist. S&T appear to be hitting their best form again in 2009 with another epicly large remix.

Next up is the Danny Powers remix of Vicky Devine – Facing The Truth, a track which has further solidified Vicky’s position as an up and coming trance producer. The tune just starts the mix getting a bit more pumping by this stage.

Manny’s first track off his new EP is next, appearing in Live As 6 as well, this tune is a truly broody tune which is very deep and mysterious which again takes the mix to a different level.

Following that are 2 newcomers in the form of Niklas Grosswald and Garry Heaney. Niklas’ tune “Backdraft” is very enjoyable indeed and possibly is my recommendation of a tune to be keeping a very close eye on. The melody and effect this tune has is totally spot on. Look for some more productions from Niklas to feature on the label very soon. Garry Heaney’s “Too Far Gone” continues to progress the mix which is really hitting full speed now.

Tom Colontonio’s “Mercury Retrograde” was supported a while back now on John O’Callaghan’s Trance World 4 cd on Armada. Since then Giuseppe Ottaviani has come up with a remix that showcases that NU NRG sound we all miss including his plucks which producers worldwide try their best to replicate.

Following this has to be the most talked about trance tune on the label this year, Sean Tyas – Melbourne has seen a release with 2 additional remixes, and a heavily publicised remix competition. In it’s original form here, we get the typical Sean Tyas treatment of epic sounding full on synths with a tingling piano top line.

Oliver Brooks – One Night In Gaunt Street is yet another new unreleased tune that showcases the vast depths of great new producers emerging through the ranks. The tune itself is quite outshone if I am honest by how epic Melbourne is and the tune directly following it.

Manny’s other tune on his new EP “Lost Odyssey” is totally uplifting and one of my personal favourite tunes of the moment. The breakdown is beyond massive with epic sounding pads and a lead that is simple yet very effective. Once this kicks in you really get a feel for Manny’s style.

Activa – This World is not only a huge track, it is also very popular indeed. I played this particular tune at a gig a couple of weeks ago and everybody in the room instantly knew the tune. The reason I mention this is because this tune other than being very good possibly a future classic even, is that it is very memorable to people listening to it.

Kane Nelson – Red Trigger is another huge tune this year from what was a previously unknown name to most people outside of the Digital Society circle. This track perfectly balances driving and uplifting trance.

Tom Colontonio’s remix of Affirmation is possibly one of Tom’s best productions to date. Nice and uplifting and to the point.

You Will Never Be Forgotten is a track dedicated to the life of one of Bryan Kearney’s closest friends who sadly passed away last year. Fitting to the title this Activa remix is purely gold, a breakdown full of melody and a punchline full of drive and bite.

Closing off this cd is another relative newcomer, Tiddey from Poland chips in with Taylla which has a melody that seems a little odd at first listen but after listening a few times it pans out and feels like an anthem.

Overall, this album is very enjoyable, some of the tracks are edited in order to fit 18 on one cd but the edits are good and each track is still of decent length. The mixing has to be complimented too as 9 out of every 10 mix cds these days, the tracks are subject to a rather quick flick of the crossfader. Manny however actually blends these tunes together well and we can hear the tunes coming in as well as the outgoing tunes gently fading out. There are one or two key clashes in the cd but that is really a minor point and irrelevant to the overall feel produced by this mix.

I would recommend this cd very well having been in my car cd player for the best part of a week now on permanent rotation.

I will give this cd an 8 out of 10. It is not perfect and personally I would have liked the most epic tune (either This World or Melbourne) to feature at the end of the mix to end it on a real high. This cd does however have all the key ingredients to make it a best seller.

Look for Underground Sessions 2 in stores on 15th June.

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Ant Attwood

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