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Wednesday 17th, June 2009
tyDi - Look Closer
Updated: Tuesday 23rd, June 2009

It is always a pleasure to enjoy the musical product of hard work, dedication and most importantly, passion. tyDi has poured all three of these qualities into his debut artist album, 'Look Closer' and with good reason too, this is his first footprint on the electronic dance music scene.

In today's world with musical software and technology being so inexpensively available it means that any Tom, Dick and Harry can claim to produce beats and many of them do but what separates the leaders from the followers? In a nutshell, quality! The music needs to grab you, play with your mind and with your body, hold you in suspense and surprise you, like a rollercoaster ride, a journey, an experience that moves your emotions. None of this is possible without an exceptional production quality.

'Look Closer' is fifteen tracks (including an interlude) of world class quality the likes of some of the best trance and progressive artist albums out there. This is the plus side to the inexpensive availability of the abundance of musical software and hardware out there, the artists with real musical talent like the classically trained tyDi, continue to raise the bar for all producers out there.

From the first sultry smooth vocals of new comer Keshia Kiely, 'Closer Than My Breath' captivates our attention with warm, deep bass and synth pads before cutting into an electro trance-like beat. Grooving melodies flow through this uplifting tracks intricate composition complimented with the beautiful vocal overlay.

'Everything's OK' slows things down a tempo lending to some electro break beats, a raw and pulsing progressive bass line that resonates and filters around the Pet Shop Boy type vocals of Tim Whitehead accompanied by the sweet whisperings of Lady Lex.

'Foolish' is the first single from the album and once again demonstrates the vocal talents of 'Keisha Kiely', this time in a much more colourful fashion. An introduction of banging clean synth chords which take on a more analog sound during the tracks verses. The well written vocals themselves tell the story of someone who's mistaken lust for love, my favourite lines of which are "I don't care how you feel, yes you are a piece of meat. I don't care if it's real just as long as I scream."

The dark techno trance sounds of 'Meet Me in Kyoto' along with the superb production quality make this track stand out as one of the real gems on the album. Somber pads float over a deep and melodious bass line. tyDi's classical training really shines through this track in its exquisite composition from first note to last.

The journey steps up a notch into the crisp and clean techno, pop trance groove that is 'Kopsi Susu'. The track is driven by the up and down flow of a progressive bass line whilst an upbeat kick, some percussion and snares timeously snap beside it. Once again we find a wonderful array of melodies all neatly beeping, kicking, snapping and bopping along in their little spaces.

'I Like, You like' is a meditation of instruments with a slow and steady wind chime that stretches across the various intricately crafted melodies which flow back and forth in a calming and cool tide of motion with some hypnotic vocals and a break beat kick. A track that is sweet and serene to the ears.

'Under The Stars' reminds me of the wonderfully euphoric and laidback dance bliss of Chicane's 'Behind The Sun' album of early 2000 and I can't help but notice the similarities in title between Chicane's album and tyDi's track! Possibly the inspiration behind the track? Elevating, almost flat dance kicks interspersed with some short synth bass melodies and some light, cheerful electro leads.

The album titled track 'Look Closer' is symphony of melodies. The brilliantly successful recipe of clean instrumentals like the piano and strings accompanied by the smooth trance pads and slow tempo beat make for a transcending deeply experience. It's silken flow and delicate notes are inescapably enjoyable.

The 'Interlude' adds a real touch of class to the album. A sweet pause to our exhilarating and satisfying journey thus far. It is a welcomed interval too as the next three tracks on the album are pulse racing, foot stomping, hands-in-the-air gems! The first of which is 'Amazing', a wonderful liquid melody, some soft violins, some deep progressive bass lines and a lively beat accompanied by soft, angelic vocals...the perfect uplifting trance recipe.

'Russia!' is a massive tech-trance, progressive banger of a track! Huge beats, driving fat progressive bass and eclectic short build ups and drops make for the most exhilarating leg of the albums journey. Fantastic full, analog sounding melodies at the short break downs which accelerate as the beats drop back in, a real electronic rollercoaster that will leave you hanging on every beat and smiling for another go on this ride!

My personal favourite track of the album, 'Mind Games' is another massive crowd pleaser with it's simple recipe of a garage house throbbing bass line, a punchy beat, the beautifully controlled vocals of Samantha Olditch A.K.A. Manta Ray together with the almost live performance tweaking over the synth melodies altogether will move you from the inside as well the outside.

'Is It Cold?' is well positioned in the album as our beautiful journey's end draws ever closer and a warm bliss of emotion is set off with the playful trancey melodies and the shivering repeating vocals in this elated track.

Another down-tempo, break-beat track, 'Let You Go' works things down with some deep, pausing piano chords, tribal percussions and some warm trance bass. The main melody has an almost muffled organ sound to it and as it skips a note from it's repeating pattern you are gently and rhythmically let back down to ground zero.

'How Much Longer' floats it's way down the solemn pads, drifting along a melancholy melody whilst the emotional bass and lumbering beats are pulled begrudgingly along, almost as though the music itself does not want to take this final journey.

tyDi has set his first footprint onto the electronic dance scene in stone with an excellent debut artist offering that raises the standard for levels of quality, musical diversity and value for money. We can expect to hear much more from this incredibly talented young artist and from what we've heard so far, we're looking forward to it.

01. Closer Than My Breath
02. Everything's OK
03. Foolish
04. Meet Me In Kyoto
05. Kopi Susu
06. I Like, You Like
07. Under The Stars
08. Look Closer
09. Interlude
10. Amazing
11. Russia!
12. Mind Games
13. Is It Cold?
14. Let You Go
15. How Much Longer


Written by:
Craig Patterson

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