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Wednesday 28th, July 2010
Tritonal featuring Cristina Soto - Hands to Hold Me
Updated: Tuesday 24th, August 2010

Tritonal continue to push the boundaries of vocal trance with each single they come out with. Gaining attention and support across the globe, each of their singles stand out from the last, constantly changing their sound as they go. Two of my recent favorites of theirs was the upbeat and playful "One More Day" and the massive "Piercing Quiet".

Their latest single "Hands to Hold Me" coincides as the first single of their newly-launched record label, Air Up There Recordings, a sublabel of Enhanced Recordings. Not only is it a nice change of pace to see a new sublabel launch somewhere else than under Armada, but many people feel this is a well-deserved, natural step for one of trance's most consistent production duo.

Original Mix

In five words, the original can be described as buzzy, crunchy, crisp, melodic and lush. Starting off the track is crunchy percussion that is soon joined by a raspy bassline. By the time the synth hits and vocal chops come in, the track has a very neo-trance feeling. The vocals are well-written and playful, qualities for which Cristina Soto has become well-known for. The breakdowns are lush and melodic, featuring bigroom saw chords and harmonies, but they don't last long before the buzzing bassline and techy synth sounds are back in full-force. Overall a good track with a good balance of melodic content and electro-proggy goodness. Personally I prefer their melodic stuff but I appreciate diversity and I am sure many of their fans will enjoy this as well.

Temple One Remix

Joe Garrett aka Temple One is first in line on the remix front, turning in, as expected, a full-force peak-time trancer. Driving percussion and a rolling bassline are soon joined by a number of plucks and other synths that quickly create a rich atmosphere. The vocals drop in during the break, where they float rather nicely. Joel adds in a new chord progression and lead, adding to the vast difference between this remix and the original. The new lead and progression are not the most original but they fit in and work rather well. The track builds in a typical fashion and kicks in rather nicely. A gorgeous track with a true Anjunabeats sound, this will go down well with the die-hard uplifting fans at the very least. Oh, and this track comes with a second chorus. I remember the days when that was more than common!

Will Holland Remix

Enhanced maestro Will Holland takes the original and gives it a stronger electro feeling while adding in a lot more melody. Shuffling percussion and a coarse bassline drive the track nicely for the first 2 minutes before the vocals take the focus. Massive pads soon swell up and the track collapses into the breakdown. A sweeping buildup brings in an uplifting electro-flavored chorus, consisting of massive pads, plucky squares and the thick bassline. Great stuff here from Will!

Mark Eteson Remix

Mark pushes the boundaries of the release with his quirky, driving remix. Fast-paced percussion with some tribal flavors starts it off, and is soon joined by a bouncy, massive bassline that does not sound like anything I have heard recently. The vocals appear quickly and the theme appears moments later. The progression is the same one used in the Will Holland and Temple One remixes and the vocals seem to fit well with it. The breakdown features rich pads and driving supersaw chords. A soft piano adds as a nice touch but quickly disappears as the track builds up with a filter sweep. The payoff is anti-climatic but the track quickly builds back up and goes into full chorus. A nice and different approach from Mark Eteson and a good way to round up the release.


All mixes hold their own merit and they are very different from one another. Personally, I prefer the Temple One remix but Will Holland's remix comes pretty close. 4.5/5

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