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Sunday 04th, November 2007
The Blizzard - Kalopsia
Updated: Monday 10th, December 2007

The Blizzard is the newly formed project of Norwegian producers and DJs Lars-Christian Nyheim and Tore Vatle Jensen. Kalopsia happens to be their debut single; a raw, melodic and bass-driven progressive-trancer with a kick. Remixes come from upcoming producer Monogato (aka Marninx) and Armada legend Mark Otten. Let's take a further look.

Original Mix

The track starts off with a building percussion and slowly incorporates an array of atmospheric FX, haunting vocal riffs as well as a few synthy stabs. The bassline soon kicks in and gradually the percussion reaches its peak. For a progressive-styled track, the tune is extremely upbeat and driving to say the least. A few plucks make their way in after a brief buildup and FX sweep. Hints of vocal chops make excellent transitions as the track winds down into the breakdown. A square arp adds as a nice backdrop at this point, as does a deep bass pad. The vocals hold center stage, calling out in a rather haunting fashion. The square-sounding arp jumps an octave and begins to filter up. Before reaching its peak it drops and a brief FX transition brings forth the chorus. The chorus is just lovely - the beautiful arp, haunting vocals, plucks, the slammin bass and that driving percussion. Simply fantastic. The chorus goes through peaks and troughs before it finally closes and the track begins to conclude itself. Overall a very innovative piece of music. It has an almost peaktime appeal with a progressive and techy edge. Definitely one for those who enjoy a bit of bite to their trance.

Mark Otten Remix

Mark takes a deeper, moodier route, featuring steady percussion and hypnotic melodic lines. The show starts off with a solid kick and a filtered loop. A haunting FX pad sounds on and off in the background as the percussion filters in. The percussion has a bit of a tribal touch in the typical Otten fashion. A few vocal blips here and there add as nice FX while a catchy, repetitive high-pitched pluck sequence gradually approaches. What I would describe as low end plucky chords fill in as the bassline, which sound quite catchy and well, great. The breakdown appears momentarily, featuring gorgeous, subtle pads, a soft guitar pluck and a beautiful chord progression. The vocal chops from the original appear but soon disappear as the track enters a dramatic buildup. The plucky bass chords filter in, along with the percussion. The buildup climaxes with a grand FX sweep before the chorus kicks. The percussion begins to rebuild while melodic aspects from earlier on in the track make their way in as well. The atmosphere at this point is much like the beginning; dark, dismal and tranquil. Overall a subtle, dark and serene remix, much to be expected from Mark Otten. If you're a fan of his previous efforts, you'll enjoy this one.

Monogato's Filth Remix

Monogato takes things in an edgier and well.. filthier direction. A solid, chunky percussion starts things off, along with a filtering wavering bassline. A nice pad adds as a nice atmospheric backdrop. The track drops off a bit rather early on, featuing a bit of bass variation as well as the beautiful vocal chops from the original. The vocals disappear and the track picks back up a bit but then reappear with a bit of innovative variation. Pads begin to filter up as the track nears the breakdown. The break features rather nice pads, the vocal chops and a similar arp lead to the one used in the original. The break lasts for quite a while as the arp slowly filters up and the vocals receive a bit of variation. Then without warning everything drops off and the reverberating, lush plucks from the original appear momentarily and with a grand sweep, the track is back to where it was 3 minutes ago. Everything that was introduced during the break reappears after a brief FX sweep. Now the chorus is fully under way, featuring the arp lead, bass progression, pads and the vocal chops. Rather nice effort overall, but it doesn't touch the original. This might butter the fancy of those who prefer a more progressive and filthy sound.


All 3 mixes as well as the original intro mix offer something unique and interesting. In the end though the original obviously takes the cake but that's not to say that the other mixes aren't special. 4/5

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