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Monday 16th, August 2010
Sander van Doorn - Dusk Til Doorn (Review)

The sun goes down, the crickets are chirping, it is duskÖ

Youíre listening to Sander's first attempt at packaging the event (Dusk Till Doorn, if you must ask...) into a tangible package. The journey opens with one of the tracks that have been in everyone's proverbial record box this year: Masonís You Are Not Alone. Four years after taking the world by storm with Exceeder, Mason teams up with Roberta Carter Harrison to deliver this hauntingly beautiful track; a perfect opener for this roller coaster ride.

Following this melancholic piece, Sander flips on the party switch and starts building a very groovy beach vibe with Jeremy Olander's Ganza; the bass gets heavier and the melody is quite playful. East & Young's uplifting progressive piece Lifelike then brings the energy up quite a few notches before the distinctive clicky percussions of Axwell & Hendrik B's Remode of Axtone's latest release, Teenage Crime are heard. Swedish rising star Adrian Lux pairs up this time with vocalist Linnea Martinsson for one of this summer's biggest club anthems. If you're not in a party mood by now, you've missed the boat!

We couldn't blame you of thinking Sander had injected as much energy as imaginable in the mix at this point, but you would be oh-so-very wrong! Afrojack & Bobby Burnsí Bungee is a melodic, techy house gem that packs so much bang, one could doubt the Top 10 DJ would be able to keep up the momentum. But he does with a great transition into Abel Ramosí Crash the Disco! Right in line with the rest of Abel Ramosí work, this track is a filthy piece of hypnotic tribal awesomeness. Sander then takes us back to the sixties with his brilliant take on The Four Topsí Reach Out. The trackís already amassed massive support and is right in line with some of the manís best remixes and bootlegs. Dada Life then brings us another very weird (if very cool) remix of Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Ė Damascus. Then, Arty, a Russian producer thatís been taking club land by storm this year makes his first of two appearances on the CD through a remix of D-Madís She Gave Happiness. This pretty funky piece is sure to get you moviní!

Stoneface & Terminalís brilliant follow up to Donít Give a F*ck, titled Moment then takes us in a chunkier territory before Ummet Ozcan & MEMís collaboration Soundshaperz and their track Bermuda takes over with a massive big room groove. Track twelve features the three stallions of the High Contrast stable: Nic Chagall, Rank 1 and Wippenberg. Together, they have concocted the hundredth release of the famed label. 100ís melody and massive strings make it an instant hit. Deep Careís excellent track Vertigo brings us back in a progressive trance playground with a very lush melody and a stellar build-up. Then comes a track everyone--and their grandmother--has remixed: Depeche Modeís Enjoy The Silence. While Memento and Ken Spector give the tune an enjoyable and pretty gritty (albeit Deadmau5-y) feel, one may wonder if the reinterpretation was truly necessary.

Picking up from there comes my favourite track of the CD: Protocultureís Naked. While I could write an essay on how long itís been since a track moved me as much as this one, Iíll simply say that this song single-handedly rights all the wrongs the compilation may have had. Following this masterpiece comes Sanderís brand new, compilation-exclusive Overflow. Considering it precedes a beautifully progressive Jerome Isma-Ae remix of Jean-Claude Adesí My Journey, one would expect a dark progressive track; it isnít so. Instead, SvD reiterates his talent at surprising by bringing us a very moody slice of tech, with Sanderís very own dark edge. The first disc is well worth it if only to hear the artistís latest track!

Disc two starts off much like disc one, by setting a dark, melodic tone with Andrew Bennetís latest Run Till You Shine; Cosmic Gate are on remix duties for this one. The guitar and Sir Adrianís vocals make for an interesting opener. Then comes from Super8 & Tabís Black is the New Yellow, followed by Hymn 2.0, the latest track from Sanderís Purple Haze guise. For the sake of objectivity (in as far as subjective CD reviews go!), I will have to admit the first three track of CD2 did nothing for me and left me wondering where Sander was going...That all changed with a track I had never heard of before: D.E.R. & Julius Bent - Songbird (KohMha Remix). That track was exactly along the lines of what I would expect to hear during a Sander van Doorn show! Chunkiness would be an understatement here! Then comes Artyís second track on the compilation: Hope. A masterful blend of uplifting melodies, with a nice techy edge thatís a real crowd-pleaser.

Tried & tested female vocalist--the only one you will hear on CD2--Fisher appears next in Jon OíBirís Found A Way. This trance track is lining up to be one of the biggest this summer with its powerful build-up; check it out! Following this steady build up, Sander mixes in another very emotional track, reminiscent of the earlier days of the genre: Mat Zo Ė 24 Hours (Rank 1 Remix). Next comes Marco V with Zero One, the second release on his brand new alternate-sound label, Tao. Big-room lead, reminiscent of Marco's ID&T days, rather trancey sounding track in contrast to his latest offerings.

Then comes time for the piece de resistance of the second CD: Sied van Riel and Radion6 with Radiator. The title itself such get your arm hair tingling. The track is pure filth! Worse: itís filth rolled in mud...with an awesome melody (think Rank 1 - Airwave!), also rolled in mud! A real dance floor destroyer! The mood stays very techy with Ummet Ozcanís latest, Arcadia. This bouncy, very playful track paves the way for another one of Spinninís big names, trance veterans 4 Strings. The very welcomed Sundown combine 4 Strings' distinctive sound with a very solid melody. Then comes in, half mashed up, Heart of Glass, Deep Voicesí newest track as remixed by Ronski Speed. The techy stabs pave the way perfectly to Leon Bolierís Avalanche, a storming tech-trancer that really gets things going! It doesnít get much more coarse than this! Itís a shame really because the CD is nearing its end. Calming things down is a track that perhaps encompasses best what this mix is trying to achieve: Rex Mundi - Opera Of Northern Ocean, with Phynn on the remix. The track blends together tech elements, hypnotic baselines and a melody that is both subtle and too big to handle. A bit like Sander I guess; just one guy behind the deck, smiling the night away, yet leading us all together through the night...but I digress. Second-to-last comes a remix of one of the trance tracks that got me into the genre: Svenson & Gielenís Twisted. This time, one of the emissaries of tech trance, Jochen Miller adds his touch to the track. Without diverging too much from the original, this refreshed version is very enjoyable and is sure to raise some melancholy in a few of us.

To cap off the compilation, Sander delivers his greatest (in yours truly's opinion) production this year, under the name DaddyRock. Perhaps a poke at Mammy Rock, the song is massively anthemic with its heavily arpeggiated lead. It is set to be release on Sander's imprint at the end of the month is already gaining supports from notables such as Markus Schulz and Armin van Buuren!

All in all, the compilation is pretty enjoyable. Sander delivers exactly what he promised: the Dusk Till Doorn concept to your doorsteps! Now, is this the best compilation Iíve ever heard? No. Mind you, I have to admit I would be pressed to name the best compilation Iíve ever heard. Dusk Till Doorn is simply a great overview of the Summer 2010 as seen by Sander van Doorn, and youíll enjoy it a great deal, especially if youíve seen the artist recently! Go buy it, itís available NOW at your favourite music retailer! 4/5

Writing credit for this review goes to Ben Pageau

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