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Wednesday 25th, August 2010
Steve Anderson - All Too Late

With the recent success of “Always More” (featuring Pippa) earlier in the year, Steve Anderson (one half of A/B Project) returns to more home territory on his SAME Progressive label to deliver his latest track entitled “All Too Late”. Steve of course is one of the few producers in the trance scene today that both produces and supplies the vocals on his tracks. He once again proves why his tracks are so unique and popular, with his distinctive warm vocal at the forefront of this track, along with those typical Anderson piano chords, dainty melodies and uplifting energy.

Original Mix:
We start with the original mix with its haunting vocal and growling bass line forming the intro. As we head deeper into the track, we’re introduced to further vocals and begin to hear the uplifting melody twinkling in the background. The warmth of the breakdown surrounds you as the elements begin to filter up as Steve’s vocals take centre stage. The break reveals an array of uplifting synths, a warm bass line, sharp vocals and a delicate piano melody making a brief appearance in the mix. Steve makes use of an effective vocal chop to ease the vocal in and out of the track which works well.

Noah Neiman Remix:
Austin based producer Noah Neiman is on hand to provide a slightly moodier take on the original. Crisp percussion and slowly filtering pads begin to shape the intro of the mix. As the vocals enter we begin to hear further elements added to the track, including a cool electric guitar style riff in the background which sits nicely. This continues into the break with the low hum of the bass line and vocals. After the break, the track begins to build itself back up again with the addition of an acid style synth adding extra depth to the bass line. The remix overall is a nice accompaniment to the original and provides a moodier contrast.

Another superb outing for Steve Anderson. I’m struggling to find one vocal project that Steve Anderson hasn’t had great success with so far and I’m sure this track will be no exception. The original for me tips the balance when it comes to the crunch, but Noah Neiman does provide a nice alternative perhaps for the earlier sets. Available digitally from August 30th 2010 on SAME Progressive. 8/10


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