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Thursday 08th, April 2010
Steve Allen- Second Rule
Updated: Wednesday 21st, April 2010

Recently, the AWsum label (run by Andy Whitby) announced the launch of a bunch of new sub-labels that cater to different genres/styles. AWsum White happens to be one of those sub-labels, with Steve Allen on management duties who debuts the label with his own release 'Second Rule' with remixes from Ex-Driver, Taylor & Close and Vol Deeman

Original Mix:

The original mix is an AWsum (bound to use that pun sometime) piece of uplifting trance. A high energy intro roars out with a euphoric pad progression and lead teasers before making the transition into the breakdown. This is my favorite part as the pad progression just build up huge anticipation before the gorgeous plucky melody hits to delight the audience. A breakdown for a real 'hands in the air' moment. The euphoria doesn't let down as Steve builds the track massively and hits full force. The melody is one of the best in my opinion as we don't hear many uplifting yet energetic melodies in the range that Steve has chosen. A real pleaser in my opinion. Top notch production and great musical ideas. 5/5

Ex-Driver Remix:

Ex-Driver delivers an uplifting remix to pair with the original. A rolling bassline starts this track off before introducing a nice acid line and a plucky riff sequence which carries on up until the breakdown. Ex-Driver keeps up with the euphoria of the original as luscious pads sweep throughout the breakdown. The melody hits with a lead that suits perfectly to the uplifting nature of it. He introduces the kick with a nice piano-like sequence before killing it and then building it up again for the massive drop! This mix is just as great as the original, with slightly bigger synths and extra melodies over top to give it some extra distinction. Great production that captures the mood of the original well. Just some volume issues with the piano-ish lead (too loud in my opinion, pierces the eardrums a bit) docked half a point. 4.5/5

Taylor & Close Remix:

Taylor & Close take a driving techy approach to their remix. Utilizing a stuttery rolling bassline and a soft synth riff to transition into the breakdown. Weird thing is; I can't point out any elements from the original. However, the track is cool and does a newer style techy drop after the buildup, reminiscent of Simon Pattersons stuff to be honest. Cool remix but didn't really do it for me, even though I usually love this kind of tech trance. 3.5/5

Vol Deeman Remix:

Last up is Vol Deeman with a tech trance remix with some uplifting bosh-type elements. A very driving intro full with riffs and a nice supersaw pad progression to add some euphoria to the mix. The track deconstructs itself into the breakdown, and then the melody hits with Vol using a more techy style lead for his rendition. The drop is techy and driving, using a crazy sounding synth hookline which carries on for a bit before carrying out with the outro. This remix is OK but it didn't catch me all that much, not a fan to be honest. Production quality is pretty good though. 3/5


The uplifting mixes totally kickass and are perfect for people who love great energy combined with awesome catchy melodies that they can groove along to as they jump to beat. The techier style remixes were good as well but they could have been better. 4/5

Written by:
Mitchell Claxton

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