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Wednesday 31st, March 2010
Smart Apes - Vanilla Sky

The Smart Apes have blitz into the electronic music lime light with such speed that if I were to give you some background to these new artists I would be lying because I don't anything about them! They are from the Ukraine, there are four of them - okay the above picture helped me with that last fact! All you really need to know is that their music is right on the exciting and modern pulse of electronica!

You might already be familiar with their massive hit from 2009, 'Smile' feat. Kate Miles which, in my humble opinion, is the track that hurtled them into the spot light of "hot & happening" electronic dance music artists! 'Vanilla Sky' is their latest offering and lends its sounds to the deep trance side of the electronic genre.

Original Mix
The foundation is laid with some punchy kicks, a deep and lazy bass line which gets most of its drive from the snappy and grooving percussions. The looming and slightly melancholy voice effect is a great hook that strengthens the atmospheric and emotional pads of the track. A catchy piano melody slots right into this track, creating a very "danceable" groove.
This record, although full of foot-tapping energy is definitely on the more deep side of trance. Even the breakdown is enjoyably melancholic.
The track composition, structure and quality ensure that you are intoxicated with the mix of energetic effects and melancholic leads that make up this intriguingly dark and delectable trip.

Rating: 4/5

The Airstatic 'Digital' Remix
The beat and bass line to The Airstatic 'Digital' Remix have a lot more, almost techno bounce to them. The lead melodies more intense and invading. In the breakdown we can hear the resemblance of the original tracks melody but very little emotion or drama is created before we're dropped back into the intensive leads and bouncing beats. The effects and samples make for a lush and deep atmosphere. Definitely a "work the crowd" track possible at the end of a long DJ set.

Rating: 3.5/5

Release Date: 17/03/10 (Out Now!)


Written by:
Craig Patterson

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