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Thursday 28th, January 2010
SAME Radio Show Volume 1 - Mixed by A/B Project

There’s very little of the trance world that Scottish dj/producer (and one half of the successful duo A/B Project) Steve Anderson hasn’t conquered. In a very short space of time Steve has made quite a name for himself, having numerous hits like “Misconceptions” and “Eternal Optimism” with production partner Chris Breame as the duo A/B Project, as well as enjoying the solo success of tracks like “Neve” and “Before Long”.

Having set up his own record label, created an ever growing fan base of his radio show and podcast, as well as launching a popular YouTube channel, Steve Anderson is now ready to take on his first compilation. Together with Chris Breame, they bring you an insight into the world of the SAME radioshow, as well as marking the show’s 50th episode.

I caught up with Steve to ask him about the concept of the album and where he and the SAME brand are heading in 2010.

T.nu: Tell us a bit about the album and the concept
Steve: “The album is something I had planned to do on SAME Recordings for a year or so, and I always intended it to be a combination of everything that I like a compilation to have. The first priority was quality throughout, from the music, to the artwork design - and of course the final physical product. I wanted the mixes to represent the sound of the SAME Radio Show - with some tracks from recent months, also some unreleased tracks unavailable anywhere else - and of course some future material from myself, Chris and us collectively as A/B Project. We're delighted with the results, and I believe it's a compilation that will stand the test of time.”

T.nu: What’s in store for the SAME radio show and record label for 2010?
Steve: “As for the show, it now airs on over 70 FM/online stations every week in over 40 countries around the world. The growth and popularity has been stunning in the last 12 months, and we plan to achieve our goal of airing the show in over 100 countries worldwide in the near future. As for SAME Recordings and SAME Progressive, the focus remains on releasing quality over quantity - there is some fantastic music coming up from A/B Project, BRM, myself and more very soon. The SAME Radio Show Volume One album sets a fantastic standard of what we intend to deliver going forward, so keep an eye on everything SAME very soon.”

T.nu: Productions wise, have you got anything in the pipeline you can tell us about?
Steve: “At the moment I am completing a couple of new Steve Anderson singles, one of which is titled "All Too Late" and can be heard in intro form on the compilation CD1. My next single on High Contrast Recordings is a cool uplifter with vocals from UK singer Pippa Fulton, and early reactions are fantastic. It comes with a great remix from Ernesto vs Bastian, and we also shot a video for the track too - so keep an eye out for this on your screens soon. Aside from that I am remixing for High Contrast, and the next A/B Project single "Templation" is on the way - as is the A/B Project Remix of Sequentia vs Amphiby "Echoes Of Sound". Lots on the way from SAME Studios very soon happy

Fans will praise the exclusivity of two of Steve’s forthcoming tracks on the compilation. Firstly A/B Project’s highly anticipated new single “Temptation”, plus his collab with vocalist Pippa entitled “Always More”.

If you’re new to the A/B Project and SAME radio show sound, the album is the ideal place to start listening. Taking a left of centre approach from your bog standard trance compilation, the guys keep the genres intelligently balanced on this two CD affair, encapsulating a careful selection of house, progressive and the finest trance.

CD1: Mixed by Steve Anderson
1. Steve Anderson – All Too Late (Album Intro)
2. Noah Neiman feat. Catherine – Magic Feeling
3. Alpha 9 – Bliss
4. Ron Hagen & Pascal M – Riddles In The Sand (Omnia Remix)
5. Arty – Gentle Touch
6. Aurum Beats – Euphory
7. Mark Sinclair – Pictures Of You (Terry Ferminal Remix)
8. Audien – Rise And Shine
9. Steve Anderson feat. Pippa – Always More
10. Tritonal – Driftoff (Air Up There Mix)
11. Steve Anderson – Closer (Dave Walker Remix)
12. A/B Project – Temptation (Album Mix)
13. Steve Anderson – Before Long (A/B Project Remix)

CD2: Mixed by Chris Breame
1. Passenger 10 – Mikado (DJ Tatana Intro Dub)
2. Russell G – Whiplash
3. Tasadi – Jupiter
4. Adiva feat. Vicky Fee – How Does It Feel (Myon & Shane54 Dub Mix)
5. A/B Project – Everything Ends (Album Mix)
6. BRM – Always Summer
7. The Flyers & Mike Sonar – Sunny Groove
8. Heatbeat – Push Over
9. Robert Nickson feat. Elsa Hill – Never Again (Nitrous Oxide Remix)
10. BRM – Superficial
11. Adam Szabo – Altra
12. BRM – Forever Remember
13. 7 Skies & Static Blue – Central Park (Nitrous Oxide Remix)

Overall: 7/10
Buy: http://www.samerecordings.com


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