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Thursday 09th, August 2001
Renaissance Sweden
Updated: Tuesday 07th, October 2008

I honestly didn't have the greatest expectations when i sat in the car on the way to the party. I knew that my friends over at fokused.net worked really hard on this. But the bigger expectations you have, the bigger is the disappointment if the party don't turn out to be what you was hoping for. But this party went way beyond all my expectations.

The first thing that surprised me what the size of münchen bryggeriet (the venue) and how idealistic it was to host a trance party. Big main dance floor, nice upperfloor to chill and al lot of small rooms. The sound system was probably the best and most expensive in the trance event history in Sweden ... Some evil rumors was floating around some days before the event saying that the sound system and the visuals at Renaissance was pure shit etc etc. And i don't have any clue what they got it from (maybe it was some evil people that hosted a trance party at the same time who spread it out, i don't know grin ).

Like i mentioned earlier i had problems to understand that i was in Stockholm, Sweden and not in Amsterdam. The atmosphere was great, nice people everywhere. My body was moving even if i was not dancing, ok, maybe i had something to do with the big-ass Sub's, a pure and a fantastic sound. The visuals by VJ Micko (Screen, Finland) what nice, even though i didn't really understand the message (This summer rule the planet) that was flashing all the time, it's fall now ... maybe it's what they call artistic expression or something ... grin

What a live performance, the expectations was huge and the result was more that satisfying. München bryggeriet was about to boil over when the crows recognized the sounds of DJ Tiesto - Flight 643 (Orkidea Wintergalactic remix) and Orkidea - Unity. The dancers was so good, first there were two angels on the stage (see image above). They walked around on the stage for a while when two odd looking charactes apears. Those characters were later replaced by some b-boys that danced around on the scene for a while. And last there were two girls playing around with fire. I really liked the fire show and I can without any doubts say that this was the best performance of the night, the only sad thing was that is turned out to be a little short, just 5 tunes...

Parks & Wilson
What a livefull dj! He was playing around with the turntables as it was his favorite toy. I thought Parks & Wilson was to persons, but i only saw the cool black guy behind the turntable. Anyway. The top moment of this set was when he played Prodigy - Breath. It was a good set, maybe a little to dark for me. But good indeed.

No mercy here, he just got in the stage and showed the Swedish audience why he is among the top progressive trance dj's in the world. And his final tune could not be better...

He turned of the turntables and throwed on Ballroom - Passenger ...

Ones again the audience went berserk. Truly amazing live set!

Ok now some final words, first of all massive respect to fokused.net who arranged everything, great work guys! And a greeting to all trance.nu users who showed up, a pleasure to meet you all! And if you have the opportunity to go to the next renaissance (yes, there will be more) don't hesitate for a second. Kill if it's necessary!

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