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Tuesday 23rd, February 2010
Rebecca Saforia- Palingenesis

Note: My apologies for the lack of reviews around here recently, I've been really busy with university, productions, radio show, and label work. I've finally got time to do a little reviewing, so here goes.

Ben Nicky's label Abstract Recordings returns with Rebecca Saforia on the cover for her second release of this year already. Franz Hlusek AKA: Fast Distance is on remix duties for this single

Original Mix:

The Original mix of Palingenesis kicks off like any uplifting banger you have heard. No time was wasted bringing the energy in, as it kicks off with lots off force right away. A big supersaw pad rips through the intro, and techy acids and drones make themselves known with a techy bassline bringing in the drive. The track loads up on complexities, and some cool plucks play a short bouncy riff. The massive peaktimer energy quickly disappears with a kick as the breakdown comes in. The pad progression swiftly changes and begins to drown the listener in a state of anticipation, and a simple pluck melody supplies the main theme as the buildup rises and rises before hitting full on with a new set of plucks. Following some injections of euphoria into the mix, the theme dies away and the outro bangs away shortly after. A definite monster of a track, but, overall, the track itself isn't anything new or groundbreaking, but it's definitely a cool track! 4/5

Fast Distance Remix:

Mister Hlusek launches his take with some teasing percussion before the kicks bangs in. An electro tinged tech bassline makes its way in. Cool atmospheric sounds add a nice flavour to the intro and small teasers of what is about to come are brought about. Interestingly, a big lead kicks off the breakdown before dying down into a voxy euphoria. The breakdown is really sexy and euphoric in true Fast Distance style. Trancey plucks form the lead melody, of which Franz has utilized a little more than the original. A kick-roll builds it up before the climax kicks in. The energy got a bit lost in the climax, which is a let down for me. But Fast Distance's remix is a melodic pleaser and definitely worth a listen. 4/5


A really cool release, both mixes are good and worth a listen.4/5

Written by:
Mitchell Claxton

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