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Thursday 30th, August 2007
Tasting Progress Your Mind 4 People

July 17th 2007 Bratislava – On a fine hot mid-July evening the talented Slovak progressive DJ, Milan Lieskovsky, hosted a new edition of the Progress Your Mind (PYM) project, a tradition of allowing clubbers of Central Europe taste the music of DJs they won’t find on their daily dinner menu. Previously experiencing and adding a spark to the rising vocalist Jennifer Rene, who has performed live to the sounds of Jose Amnesia, the crowd in the luxurious Club Dopler gathered to appreciate the sounds of Leama, a well known producer respected for his work with Andy Moor under the alias of Leama & Moor, the sounds of Laurent Véronnez, very well known as Airwave, as well as the sounds of the local resident Tomas Haverlik. The evening was started off by Winchenzo, a young and a new face on the Slovak DJ scene. Being progressive is a synonym with being developing, enlightened and forward-looking. With this idea, PYM gives the opportunity for young DJ talents to show what’s in them. Winchenzo leveraged his chance and attracted by both his crazy hairstyle and a very pleasant progressive house set.

As the clock approached 10 in the evening, the club started to pack up and the host, Milan Lieskovsky jumped in behind the decks. For those who have heard Milan before, it was clear that he was behind the decks, as his style is easily recognizable for being very energetic and danceable. Milan’s progressive sounds are very catchy, with number of buildups and great flow. Playing a number of well known tracks, like the beautiful vocals of Carry Me Away by Emma Hewitt in a track by Chris Lake, Milan’s communication with the crowd was not only through music. His gestures and smiles added more to the atmosphere, making a nice harmonious unity of everyone in the club that was present throughout the rest of the night. The climax of Milan Lieskovsky’s set was by no doubts towards the end when he played his own track called Elenya, which was recently also featured as a Future Favorite on Armin van Buuren’s State of Trance radio show. Milan has however done some magic with this track, as if wanting to appreciate that previous PYM event, Elenya was mashedup with Jennifer Rene’s vocals featured on a track by X called Invincible. This mix was truly unique and invincible. Elenya is a wonderful progressive track with a catchy buildup and a climax. Milan Lieskovsky has thus once again and unsurprisingly shocked us all, leaving us thirsty for more progressive sounds. The thirsty crowd has got its next drink, a British DJ called Leama, promising a refreshing cocktail of musical styles. Sounds of progressive trance, progressive house and electro were ideally mixed in Leama’s set. A number of Pryda’s tunes were heard, including Eric Prydz’s remix of Paola Moja – 1983. The set gradually built up towards the end, with an amazing atmosphere in the club.

Club Dopler is a dynamic club, as it always adapts to number of elements, be it the events nature or the year’s season. It was Progress Your Mind 4 People this time around and the club wanted to be progressive and close to the people. While Leama was playing his refreshing musical cocktail, pretty girls were walking around the club offering refreshing fruits, while other people were sitting outside on a terrace covered by artificial grass and a swimming pool – also listening to music as speakers in Dopler are just about everywhere, inside the club, on the terrace or even in the bathrooms. It was summer, it was Progress Your Mind, and the atmosphere outside and inside the club was hot and refreshing. Leama’s cocktail was well appreciated, though people wanted more – and more they would get from Airwave. Laurent Véronnez started off his musical journey with style. Throughout his set, Laurent performed a live act with his keyboard/synthesizer, carrying on the sounds of his new album – Trilogique. Right from the beginning Airwave’s sounds fused into a beautiful vibe that left many people on the dance floor with goose bumps. Combining elements of progressive trance with pure trance was something that many people on the dance floor were waiting for, and Laurent did an amazing job. Many of the tracks he played live with his quick fingers had a very pleasant uplifting feel to it.

Airwave played a number of legendary tracks, including Tiesto’s Traffic, which through in Airwave’s style felt like the tickling of the mind. When he played Café Del Mar from Energy 52 people were flowing, people were in trance. It was tough to identify some of Airwave’s tracks, which unquestionably carried Laurent’s signature. The end of his journey in Dopler was however one to remember. Airwave played one of his new tracks, a track that perfectly fit in, completing the cocktail that was mixed during that night. It was a special track, full of energy and to the surprise of many, it had elements of drum’n’bass. It was a climax, something that blew everyone off including Laurent himself. “I was simply so happy and the crowd went totally crazy, I had to do something special that they will remember…” (Airwave) As the crowd was cheering, Airwave communicated a simple message with his gesture “give me noise!” Airwave and the crowd all went berserk. Laurent came up to the edge of the stage and started to dance along with everyone else. He then took a Slovak flag that was hanging on one of the balconies above him and along with Leama ‘posed’ and appreciated the Slovak crowd, which proved that it can go P.A.R.T.Y.

This was not the end however, as on stage came the utmost respectable Slovak progressive DJ and producer, Tomas Haverlik serving people another well mixed cocktail of progressive sounds. Tomas kept the tempo started by Airwave and people appreciated it by dancing till sunrise or until they ‘fell into pieces’ hearing yet again Jennifer Rene’s beautiful voice in a track by Jonas Steur. This was Progress Your Mind, a fresh and hot summer night in Bratislava, Slovakia, a night that was about the people – 4 People.


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