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Tuesday 01st, September 2009
PVD Central Park 2009

On a wet and cool Saturday afternoon we entered the beautiful green-lands tucked away in the center of New York City skyline to the thumping beats that reflect the pulse of this city. The rain which had been persistent from the night before finally ended and the sun came out along with masses of Paul van Dyk fans from all over the world. Among the British, German, and Spanish accents, one could find themselves lost in a utopian state of euphoria by the images and sound. PVD returned to Central Park in New York after a one year’s absence and the scene could have not been better, with live percussionists, a guest vocalist, and set that featured hit after hit, it was quite a night. Once night fell, the lasers, lights, and dual video screens behind the stage added an amazing technical effect.

As all typical New York City crowds it started out small and as the night progressed it eventually swelled to a mass of people from one side of the venue to another. PVD had his usual computer and mixer set-up, but on each side of him was a percussionist set, one on his right similar to that of a rock band, and to his left one similar to that what you would find in a samba group. I’m not sure if they had rehearsed their set, at times they were perfectly in sync, other times they were flowing in different direction. All in all it was more interesting to watch then your standard DJ with hands up in the air poses.

Some of the highlights of the night included PVD dropping some oldies but goodies, Robert Miles-Children, Underworld- Born Slippy, and Flaming June-BT, and his own hits including New York City and For an Angel (2009). Most of the time PVD mashed up the songs, mixing in and out of them rather than let the stand alone,, although this might sound as if it wouldn’t work, it did on this night because it gave his fans a new perspective on some old tracks.

This was one of the older crowds I have seen an EDM event, more people in their thirties than their teens. This brought about a nice experience because there was room to dance and move, while everyone was well behaved. It’s also surprising in that you realize the EDM scene that we all value as young, hip, and underground, has finally started to age and slowly rising to the mainstream, yet has not lost it’s appeal to the young and old alike.

The highlight of the night for me was when Johnny McDaid (formerly of Vega4, now working on a solo career)came out and sung the new single “Home” off of Volume and “Time of Our Lives”, which still somehow gives me goose-bumps.

Overall, I feel this was a great show, nothing ground-breaking here, but if you want to pay to see your favorite DJ play his hits, some new tracks by him and others, and some classics, then this would have been the show for you

Written by:
mike schirtzer

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