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Friday 06th, November 2009
Positive Ways 5 mixed by Ronski Speed
Updated: Friday 13th, November 2009

Euphonic frontrunner Ronny Newman - better known as Ronski Speed - delivers the latest edition in his popular Positive Ways mix series. Volume 5 features 15 cutting-edge trance tracks, including Euphonic's best recent releases and Ronski latest productions. Inarguably the past 12 months have been his best yet. With the release of his album late last year to the many singles and remixes he has churned out, there seems to be no stopping this man!

The album starts off with the dreamy, ambient Ronski Speed "Cubik 84" which serves as a good intro for the album. Up next is Refracture vs. Yenn "Glows," a chunky, pluck dominated track. Not all that interesting but the theme is nice. The album really kicks off once Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert "Grrreat" drops in. Massive bassline, stomping percs and beautiful synth-work culminate to form a catchy, addictive prog-house track! Following "Grrreat" is Ronski Speed's epic remix of Lifeserzh "Balsis." This is something I would never have expected Ron to remix but he really pulls it off! The next tune is Cressida "Never Mind" (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix), which is rather nice, with its dreamy plucks, pads and its solid percussion. Next in line is the massive "Clear Your Mind," the follow-up to Ronski & Sir Adrian's "The Space We Are." Similar to Marcus Schulz' popular Rex Mundi mashup, Ron delivers a stunning atmospheric trancer with layers of warm pads and a moody bassline. This was easily my favorite track off of Ron's album last year. To my delight, Euphonic released the full version recently on Beatport! Another Ronski track is next: "The Great Devine" (Gareth Emery Remix). A catchy bassline, beautiful synths and melodies and cool vocal hooks - Gareth really outdid himself! Following along with the melodic progressive trend, we have Stoneface & Terminal's "St Francis Foley," a deep moody trancer with layers of delicious pads and plucks. Ronski Speed "Lasting Light" is up next, featuring the bright and pure vocals of
Emma Hewitt. A rough stabbing bassline and warm pads stand out as the defining features of this emotional and uplifting track.

The tone changes with the approaching 7Skies remix of Ronski's "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven," which also might be one of the longest track names of recent memory. If you're not familiar with this gorgeous remix, it's worth checking out. If you're a big Above & Beyond fan, you'll love the gorgeous big room sound here! Kyau & Albert "Be There 4 U" (Rafael Frost Remix) is next, featuring lush vocals and Raf's unique and edgy trance sound. Next up is Ronski's Positive Ways rework of RST & Patrick Devere "Chrystal Rain," a bangin nostalgic trancer with a massive synth-piano lead. Thomas Datt's lush remix of Ronski's "Aural Slave" is next in line, followed by the nostalgic Odenbat remix of "Evapor8," another track off of Ron's album. Rounding off PW5 is Mirco De Govia "Catching Light" (Ronski Speed Positive Ways Rework), a beautiful and quirky uplifting trancer.


All in all a beautiful and edgy album that features the sounds that makes Euphonic and their artists so unique. Highlights include the gorgeous Ronski Speed "The Deep Devine" (Gareth Emery Remix), Ronski Speed "Something Happened On The Way To Heaven" (7Skies Remix) and Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert "Grrreat." 4.5/5


1. Ronski Speed - Cubik 84 (Intro Mix)
2. Refracture vs. Yenn - Glows (Original Mix)
3. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert - Grrreat (Original Mix)
4. Lifeserzh - Balsis (Ronski Speed's Positive Ways Mix)
5. Cressida - Never Mind (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
6. Ronski Speed ft Sir Adrian - Clear Your Mind (Extended Version)
7. Ronski Speed ft Ana - The Deep Devine (Gareth Emery Remix + Acapella)
8. Stoneface & Terminal - St Francis Foley (Club Mix)
9. Ronski Speed pres Sun Decade ft Emma Hewitt - Lasting Light
10. Ronski Speed - Something Happened On The Way To Heaven (7 Skies Remix)
11. Kyau & Albert - Be There 4 U (Rafael Frost Remix)
12. RST & Patrick Devere - Chrystal Rain (Ronski Speed's Positive Ways Mix)
13. Ronski Speed - Aural Slave (Thomas Datt Remix)
14. Ronski Speed - Evapor8 (Odonbat Remix)
15. Mirco De Govia - Catching Light (Ronski Speed's Positive Ways Rework)

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