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Monday 31st, May 2010
Nitrous Oxide - Dreamcatcher
Updated: Sunday 01st, August 2010

A long-term Anjunabeats resident, Nitrous Oxide recently delivered his first artist album "Dreamcatcher", featuring a number of tracks in various trance-related styles. Following the first single off the album, "Far Away" comes the album-titled track "Dreamcatcher" itself. The original is joined by an extended version (club mix) and a tough Stoneface & Terminal remix.

Original / Club Mix

The original is a driving, standard trance affair. A tough bassline, a buzzy synth pluck, speedy hi-hats and a drawn-out clap at the start. The track quickly picks up steam and with rising pads, the track crashes into the breakdown by 1:15. Lead chords and a lead pluck soon filter in and the track sweeps back on its feet after a while. The theme is nice and the bassline is sounding pretty good during the chorus. Perhaps the most innovative part is the bassline, otherwise the ideas here sound recycled. Those who love his peak-time stuff will enjoy this but those who are expecting something a little different should probably look elsewhere.

Stoneface & Terminal Remix

Stoneface & Terminal add some much flavor, taking various ideas from the original and applying their tough and techy touch. Crisp, house-inspired percussion holds down the intro before a brief break brings in a blistering bassline, approaching plucks and a few other cool synthy bobs. The breakdown strips down the track entirely, leaving just the gorgeous plucks, which are very reminiscent of S&T's older days. The plucks swell up and the track builds on from there. The chorus is very uplifting but it's also edgy and tough. A solid effort from Stoneface & Terminal.


The original does not stand out but the remix definitely catches my attention. The S&T remix is really worth checking out. MP3s are currently out now at Audiojelly and Beatport. 3.5/5 overall.

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