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Monday 07th, September 2009
Mystery Land 2009

On Saturday August 29, Dutch party organization ID&T celebrated the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ of the legendary Mystery Land festival in Haarlemmermeer, a small city near Amsterdam. Mystery Land is the oldest dance festival in The Netherlands and ID&T is responsible for the organisation already since the start back in 1993. The last few years the festival became more and more popular and exactly as the previous years, the 16th edition was totally sold out as well. But this time all 60.000 tickets were sold out already 10 (yes, ten!!!) weeks in advance!

For the 2009 edition of Mystery Land ID&T booked DJ’s such as Above & Beyond, Sander van Doorn, Swedish House Mafia, Marco V, Cliff Coenraad, Mark Knight, Fedde Le Grand, Nic Chagall, Tocadisco, Simon Patterson, Funkerman, Wippenberg, Ricardo Villalobos, Michel de Hey, Speedy J (live), Remy, Stereo MC’s (live), John Dahlbäck, Lucien Foort and many, many others!

The weather forecast for the Saturday wasn’t that good, but on my way to the festival area most of the dark clouds already disappeared pretty soon and after a while the sun came out! Perfect festival weather! When I entered the festival area I first got a map including a floor plan and a time table, very handy, since there were 19 different areas and I can tell you that the festival area was huge! So you definitely needed one to make sure you were on time to see your favorite DJ playing!

Mystery Land entrance
The Mystery Land entrance

One of the first stages I decided to check out was the ‘Turn Up The Bass’ tent. From 1989 to 1993 Dutch record company ‘Arcade’ released 25 different ‘Turn Up The Bass’ compilations. Those compilations contained all kinds of new beat, house, euro house, acid, techno and trance releases that were big in that time. DJ’s that were playing in this area were Lucien Foort, DJ Jean, Robin “Jaydee” Albers, T99 (live) and some others. When I arrived in the tent people were dancing on the music that Marcello was playing. The atmosphere was really laid back and Marcello played some awesome classics such as ‘Gat Decor - Passion’ and ‘Mars Plastic – Find The Way’ (in a for me unknown version). After that he played the amazing Jam & Spoon remix of ‘Age Of Love – Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Remix)’, followed up by ‘Ramirez – La Musica Tremenda’. Awesome! In the audience I noticed Robin Albers doing a little dance as well. You might know Robin from his huge hit ‘Jaydee – Plastic Dreams’.

Marcello at the Turn Up The Bass stage
Marcello behind the decks in the ‘Turn Up The Bass’ tent.

After a while I decided to check out the ‘High Contrast’ stage, since Simon Patterson was playing there. The ‘High Contrast’ stage wasn’t too far from the ‘Turn Up The Bass’ stage, so after a short walk I arrived there. Unfortunately I missed the set of Cliff Coenraad (who played a bit earlier that day) since later I heard people say that he really played an amazing set! Simon Patterson was playing some really banging stuff and I have to say that the music was very loud, even while wearing ear plugs! One of the tracks that he played was ‘For The Most Part’, the collaboration between Sean Tyas and Simon. In the meantime I met up with some friends and after a while we decided to leave, since it was a little bit too banging for us and we wanted to see the Swedish House Mafia as well!

Simon Patterson
Simon Patterson at work in the ‘High Contrast’ area

On our way to the main stage we passed the huge Q Dance stage! A perfect area for the people who prefer the more harder styles of music. Some DJ’s that were playing at the Q Dance stage were Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Tatanka, Deepack, Technoboy and Luna. Not really my kind of music, but we could see that the stage was packed and that everybody was jumping and dancing to the pounding beats! The whole stage looked amazing ,the stage was decorated as 1 super huge angry clowns face! After taking a picture, we walked further towards the main stage, but then all of a sudden we heard a lot of noise and we saw a guy in a “rocket suit” flying over the crowd and the little lake. Now that was totally awesome! Just search on YouTube for “Jetpack man Mysteryland 2009” and judge yourself!

Q-Dance stage
The Q-Dance stage

On our way to the main stage we passed a huge bridge (over a high way) and then we had to walk through a nicely decorated (little) forest and after that we arrived at the main stage. Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso a.k.a. The Swedish House Mafia already started with their 2,5 hour set and the whole area was packed! The stage looked really cool, but only the blue / white DJ booth looked a little bit out of place in my opinion. But of course we were there to party and not to wine about the DJ booth ,haha!

Swedish House Mafia
Swedish House Mafia at Mystery Land 2009 main stage

Some of the tracks that the 3 Swedes played were the new Steve Angello track ‘Tivoli’ with the vocals of ‘Walking On A Dream’ by Empire Of The Sun and since it would have been the 51st birthday of Michael Jackson, they also played the original version of Billie Jean! Right after that they played ‘Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Vs. Benny Benassi - Be Satisfied (Swedish House Mafia Bootleg)’. We decided to walk to the front to meet up with some other friends and just to have a better view as well. In the front it was really busy and there were even some people with Swedish flags and T-shirts! The vibe was great and you could see that all 3 of the boys were having a great time! Everybody was partying on tracks such as ‘TV Rock featuring Rudy - In The Air (Axwell Remix)’ and of course one of the best tracks of this summer: ‘Leave The World Behind’, a collaboration between Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Dutchman Laidback Luke. The whole crowd was dancing, jumping and singing along! After ‘Steve Angello – Monday’ and ‘Kidsos’ from Sebastian Ingrosso we decided to check out another area, since the 2,5 hour long set from the Swedish House Mafia was almost at its end.

Swedish House Mafia
Swedish House Mafia rocking it at Mystery Land 2009 main stage

After a very short walk we arrived in the Flamingo tent. This area also had a really cool line up with DJ’s and acts such as John Dahlbäck, Tocadisco, Funkerman, Fedde Le Grand and the Stereo MC’s live! We walked to the front of the tent and we saw Mark Knight playing some cool music, such as his own remix for the Faithless ‘Music Matters’ and of course ‘The Man With The Red Face’ from Mark Knight together with Funkagenda. He did end his set was a great bootleg remix of the U2 classic ‘With Or Without You’, awesome stuff!

Mark Knight
Mark Knight on the DJ booth!

Since we were really hungry we decided to have something to eat. And really, you could get almost everything you wanted! Asian food, pizza, just snacks, pancakes, Mexican etc etc. But since we were craving pancakes we were trying to find a place that had pancakes, so our mission was… In Search Of Pancakes! After a few minutes we found a place where we could get them and we were lucky since there was no big waiting line at all! Right after that we decided to walk back to the High Contrast stage to check out Marco V for a while.

Marco V played a really cool set and I think he already played some new tracks from his upcoming album ‘Propaganda Part 2’ which will be out in October! I think we only heard the last 45 minutes, but he really played a great set during the time we were checking him out!

Marco V
Marco V behind the decks

Right after Marco V it was time for Above & Beyond! Tony and Paavo played some cool tracks such as (in random order) ‘Oliver Smith – Cadence’, the great Gareth Emery remix of ‘OceanLab – Lonely Girl’ and a track that I used to love: ‘Cara Dillon vs. 2Devine - Black Is The Colour’. The tent was really packed, especially in the front of the stage, so we decided to stay on the side, next to the bar, haha!

Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond closing the 'High Contrast' stage

Some other tracks that Above & Beyond were playing were ‘Nothing But You’ from Paul van Dyk and Hemstock & Jennings in the Super8 & Tab Remix, the amazing ‘Air Guitar’ by Breakfast and the Above & Beyond Club Mix from their own track ‘Good For Me’. So time to sing along for the crowd! After ‘Alone Tonight’ from Above & Beyond, we decided to leave, since we still had to walk a while to the parking.

On our way to the parking it started to rain unfortunately, so time to walk a bit harder! On our way to the exit we passed the main stage where Sander van Doorn was busy with the last few seconds of his set. There were a lot of awesome green lasers, strobes, lots of light and smoke effects and there was fireworks as well! Shame we just missed that, but that’s always the ‘problem’ at a huge festival, you just can’t see everything!

Sander van Doorn
Sander van Doorn closing the Mystery Land main stage

At the exit people were handing out a special Mystery Land newspaper, which already had reports, interviews and pictures that were made during the day! Wow! After a 10 minute walk we finally arrived at the car and then it was time to go home!

For the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ edition of Mystery Land, ID&T sold over 60.000 tickets and invited a great range of DJ’s in all kinds of different genres; from trance to hardcore and from house to banging techno! The entire line up was various as well and with 19 stages there was music for the taste of everybody! Even though the party was sold out, it wasn’t too crowded, so there was space enough to dance or just to sit and hang around with your friends. We were really lucky with the weather, since most of the day it was dry and the sun came out a lot of times as well. The decorations at the whole festival area were great as well and so were the show elements at all the different stages. ID&T proved once again that they know how to organise parties!

Thanks to ID&T for the press passes.

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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