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Sunday 01st, June 2008
Mondaybar Black & White Cruise

With 2 days of clubbing spread over 3 dancefloors sponsored by huge names like Godskitchen, Q-Dance and Helsinki Vibes all spread over a huge cruise ship this was always going to be an epic weekend, and the addition of a Baltic heatwave meant that things looked very good as we arrived on the boat on Friday afternoon. Before long we hit the top floor sundeck, the location for so much of the partying over the weekend, and grabbed a drink before catching up with some of the DJs over dinner. Friday night was split with Finnish trancers Super 8 & Tab, Mikka Kuisma, Mr A and Jace taking over the Tango bar and the hardstylers from Q-Dance on the main floor. Of course, with 2000 clubbers on a giant floating hotel you're going to find a fair share of crazy cabin pre-parties, so we managed to find a couple of places deep in the belly of the boat to dance, drink and chat before heading on to the main dancefloors.

One of the cruise legends is the potent Finnish mint flavored spirit "Minttu", which helps the evenings flow that little bit better. So after a couple of drinks we felt ready to hit the dancefloor with style. Q-Dance was a little too hard for our liking, so we settled in to Mr A's smooth and funky progressive house before Mikka took over with an awesome set of his own. A quick check in the Q-Dance room showed that the room was packed with everyone really going for it, but again we decided to head back into the Helsinki Vibes room as by now Super 8 & Tab were playing some really great progressive and trance tracks. Their set was a perfect blend of new material and older crowd pleasers, with the likes of Oceanlab's "Satellite" and Ferry Corsten's remix of Adagio For Strings sitting perfectly alongside some of the newer stuff from the guys. Their set was arguably the best of the entire cruise, and the packed dancefloor throughout and sea of smiling faces backed this up. Jace took things in a techier direction, before the clock, and the amount of Minttu caught up with us and some much needed sleep was in order before things started all over again on day 2.

The sun was even hotter on Saturday, and even early morning saw people sunbathing on the sundeck while DJs played a variety of styles. With weather this good most people decided to stay out there all day, with the distraction of the Black & White cruise football tournament to go alongside the great soundtrack making it a great place to be. Some people chose to go into Talinn for the afternoon, but the weather proved to be all the incentive we needed to stay outside and enjoy the day.

The ship set sail again at 6, and by then the Godskitchen & Polysexual DJs such as BK, DJ Shah and Greg Downey played some great alternative sets to warm up for the evening. We grabbed a quick bite before heading back to the sundeck for a couple of hours of trancier stuff with hundreds of people going crazy in the evening sunshine. Soon it was time to head back inside for an hour of much needed sleep before going on down to the Godskitchen stage. Kate Lawler played an awesome mixture of tech and progressive, and we checked out Cally Gage playing some funky hard house in the Polysexual room. We popped back up to the sundeck as the sun set for the open decks slot, and managed a quick, slightly dubious back2back set. We caught the very end of Greg Downey's set in the Godskitchen room before Minttu once again got the better of us at around 4am.

Sunday morning arrived all too soon, and the dazed looks on many people's faces as we all left the boat around 11am showed just how much fun everyone had over the 2 nights. Even though Super8 & Tab's set stole the show, all the DJs we managed to see played some really great stuff and kept everyone happy for the whole weekend. Great music, great weather and a really friendly crowd made this cruise one of the best parties we've ever been to, and makes the next Mondaybar cruise in August something to really look forward to.


Written by:
xPROXYx & micra_power

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