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Sunday 09th, March 2008
Monday Bar Spring Cruise feat. Blackhole Recordings

Day one- MAIN (Trance)

Ton TB - Awesome start for the cruise, it took a while for all the people to come to the dancefloor since everyone was in the cabins still partying, but the last hour the dancefloor was packed with happy clubbers. Ton really delivered, and when he dropped Greece2000 i thought that the boat was gonna sink, coz all of the jumping happy people. A great set from Ton basically!

Jonas Steur - This guy amazed me, just before his set he looked a little tierd and all(they did fly in to Sweden pretty early, and he just refused to take a nap). When he got behind the decks he was jumping and smiling like a little kid in a candy store. One great tune after the other with loads of energy, and i think i ruined my voice pretty badly while singing along to ”Fall To Pieces” with my brother.

Cosmic Gate - Well what else is there to say than OMFG! Loads of good tunes, loads of smiling and happy faces, and they basically played everything everyone wished for. The highpoint of it all was when they dripped ”Cause you know” and Claus was singing along with me brother and I. The dancefloor was packed with happy jumping clubbers from the start till the end of the set, And the guys ended the set with the tune ”Monday Bar” by Nic Chagall.......what more is there to ask for?

Norman Lenden(Mark Norman) - TBH i had heard some mixed feelings about him, so i have to say that i was a bit sceptic before he started to play. But OMG it was one of the best sets on the boat. With tunes like ”Heaven Scent”, ”Enjoy the silence” and ”Carte Blanche” he totally killed me! He took of where Cosmic Gate started and accelerated the energy. An awsome set, and i think everyone agrees coz this guy sure knows what hes doing!

PANORAMA (Harder Stuff) - (Im not that into hardstyle so i cant ID the tunes)

Fredrik Grass - Banging hard stuff, and he was great as usual, seen him a few times now since hes in the Monday Bar Crew, and he has never let the crowd down!

The Pitcher- This sweet innocente looking kid turned into a beast! Bangin stuff the whole set trough, the clubbers were going nuts and the music was awsome.

Lobotomy Inc.- Same as above, nuts, nuts, nuts....awsome music, to an awsome crowd.

Proteus - OMG....i really mean it...OMG.....this is a dude that will bring the energy to the dancefloor, then to take it away form the crowd coz hes basically killing them! An AWESOME set from the sweetest and nicest guy from Finland ever. He was the only one from this crowd that isn't in Blackhole, but he sure needs to be. For me this was pure magic, and I was going NUTS backstage when he dropped the Oliver Lieb mix on Universal Nation, that is already pretty fast and banging, but it sure didn't stop this guy from pitching it up to about 160BPM.....Fucking Brilliant!

Day Two - MAIN

Progression - Surprise, Surprise....look what we have here! They started off pretty proggy and trance calm stuff, but as the crowd got wilder so did the music. Loads of new tunes, and some older once aswell. The guys were awsome, and i think that this was the biggest surprise for me of the cruise, ive heard the productions, but never seen them play, and believe me when i say that they were freaking awsome! Even tho i was totally dead from day 1 on the cruise i was jumping around like it was my first party ever. They sure delivered!

Cor Fijneman - haha mad mad man! Already when the Progression guys were playing he stood in the VIP area jumping around and wanting to get on stage. When he got on he started off with trancy stuff, then some more banging trancy stuff and so on. The set was awesome, we raised the curtains behind him in the middle of the set coz the sun was so strong, and it was truly a moment to remember! Since the rest of the stages had closed when he had one hour left the dancefloor on main was PACKED....i think everyone on the boat was there and that made Cor to pump up the jam a bit. The crowd was going crazy along with Cor and the whole VIP area. When we had to close the dancefloor since we were almost back in Stockholm again, i really thought that some crazy clubber was gonna go up to the Captain and hijack the boat! Cor really wanted to play more, and the crowd was going wild. He ended the set with a crazy kinda Hardcore tune and everyone went nuts!!!


Mr Sam - Really awesome, trance when its the best and since the weather was awesome and it was a panorama floor (with glass celing), hes whole set was in bright sunlight. Great music, and great energy from the talles guy on the cruise( i think)

Mojado Live - I actually never had the time to be there more than 2 minutes( 2 really good minutes), but from what ive heard from the MB crew it was really good. It was apparently so good that the calmest guy in the Monday Bar crew, Johnny was jumping together with the guys on stage like a mad man! When that happens you just know that the guys delivered and that noone can leave the dancefloor without a huge smile on their face!

Overall i think this was one of the best cruises ive ever been on. The whole Blackhole crew were awesome and superduper nice, and the main thing that surprised me was that they were really supporting each other bigtime, no matter what time they played. They were all really nice, friendly and down to earth, and from what they told me they all had a great time on the cruise as well. Some of them had a really hard time leaving the boat, and thats just because they didn't want to get off and leave the party. You all know that im not into Hardstyle or Hardtrance at all, and i dont know if it was the guys who played of just the atmosphere of all the happy clubbers, but i can honestly say that hardstyle and hardtrance ROCKS! Even tho it is a bit hard for a softie like me, it was fucking awesome. As i may have mentioned before, this is the one of a few cruises where i have nothing negative to say about any of the DJ’s...they were simply all awesome!!!!!

I would like to thank the whole Blackhole crew, their friends and the other guys that played on the cruise, you all did a great job. The whole Monday Bar crew, meaning Tony, Jarkko, Annika, Staffan, Johnny, the TECH crew that did and awesome job with the sound and the lights as usual. The Silja Line staff in the restaurants, the guards, well basically the whole staff, without them there just wouldn't be a cruise(a special hug to the Silja girl that worked in the reception on day two that cured my headache).

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