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Monday 18th, June 2007
Menno de Jong presents: Intuition Sessions Volume 1: South Africa
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

In June 2007 Dutch DJ / producer and label owner Menno de Jong released his very first mix compilation ever. Of course this compilation was released on his own label ‘Intuition Recordings’. And as something extra for the ‘Intuition’ fans, there is a special bonus disc which contains all available versions from the first four releases on the ‘Intuition Recordings’ label. So you can expect some cool gems such as ‘Castamara’, ‘Tundra’, ‘Escape’ and ‘Above’ on this bonus disc.

In 2006 Menno went on holiday to South Africa and because he was very inspired by this country, he decided to name the first version from ‘Intuition Sessions’ to South Africa. On the album we can find 14 tracks, which are all selected and mixed by Menno de Jong. The artwork of the CD looks very nice as well and no one else then Paul ‘Re:Locate’ Moelands took care of this.

The CD is starting with the track ‘Eternal Love’ from Finish producer Orkidea together with Marc Mitchell. The intro of the track is over 2 minutes, but it doesn’t matter, since it’s great and it makes ‘Eternal Love’ a perfect track to start the CD with. After a small piano break in the middle of the track, the kick comes in and during the rest of the track we can still enjoy the piano melody in it. It is a perfect intro track for DJ sets, so not a big surprise that it was chosen as the first track of this CD.

‘Eternal Love’ is followed by ‘Escalte’ from ‘Mulika’, which is a new project of Dutch producer Cliff Coenraad, who’s also known from his ‘Astatic’ project. This track has a great bassline which has a bit of a dark feeling in my opinion. For the rest it has a really cool melody which sticks in your head for sure!

The next track is the vocal trancer ‘Fall To Pieces’ from Jonas Steur, with the beautiful vocals from miss Jennifer Rene. This track goes around in the clubs for a few weeks already, so I’m sure it does ring a bell for a lot of people. As far as I know this is one of the first vocal tracks that Jonas did so far, but who knows what we can expect on his upcoming album ‘Born For The Night’!

’Yarune - Airballoon (A Dreamer’s Guide)’ is the 4th track on the CD. This is a project from Dutchman Jeroen Mets who wrote and produced this track. According to the booklet we can expect this cool trance track later on the ‘Intuition’ label!

The next track is a production from Roger P. Shah and Thomas Godel (a.k.a. ‘Shah & Cosmo’) with their new project ‘El Cortez’. The track ‘Desert Rose’ is a real euphoric trance track with a beautiful melody line!

Menno de Jong’s own track (under the alias ‘Myth’) ‘Sjamaan’ is next on the CD, followed by ’Nolthando’, which is also a production from Menno’s hands. This time under his own name. ‘Nolthando’ is the follow up from ‘Tundra’ and it is a very energetic trance track with a long break in the middle it. After the build up it’s definitely hands in the air!

’Evergreen’ is the brand new track from ‘First State’. Ralph “Ralphie B” Barendse and Sander van der Waal prove to us that their ‘First State’ track was not a one hit wonder! ‘Evergreen’ can be heard in DJ sets from top DJ’s Tiësto and Armin van Buuren already and I’m glad Menno has put it on his CD as well! What a tune! I love the long break in the middle with the atmospheric, bombastic sounds in it! After the break this masterpiece continues with some banging beats and electro trance sounds.

’MLV’ is a new project from Maor Levi. His track ‘Love Planet’ will also be released later on the ‘Intuition Recordings’ label. He also delivers a really cool and energetic trance track that will work on the dancefloors for sure!

The new Kimito Lopez production ‘Sub Runner’ reminds me a bit of the Jonas Steur track ‘Castamara’ to be honest, but that doesn’t matter, since it’s a good production with a solid melody and some banging beats.

The next track on the CD is a collaboration between Menno and Paul Moelands a.k.a. ‘Re:Locate’. Their trance track ‘Solid State’ has a nice break and it’s a shame that the version on this CD is only a few minutes, since I was really curious about the whole production!

Leon Bolier works together with DJ Astrid for the track ‘Crazy People (Alternative Mix)’. This is a really cool and energetic tech trance track which might cause some speed tickets I’m afraid … wink

Another Cliff Coenraad production can be found next on the CD. His track ‘Manjula’ is a pumping tech trance track which I want to hear at a big trance event! Banging beats and great techy sounds!

’Whirloop - Cirrus Station’ is the final track on the CD. Swedish producer Daniel Swahn delivers us a nice piece of musical art with a cool trance track with some acid sounds in it.

CD1 Intuition Sessions Volume 1 : South Africa

01. Orkidea ft. Marc Mitchell – Eternal Love
02. Mulika – Escalate
03. Jonas Steur ft. Jennifer Rene – Fall To Pieces
04. Yarune – Airballoon (A Dreamer’s Guide)
05. Shah & Cosmo pres. El Cortez – Desert Rose
06. Myth – Sjamaan
07. Menno de Jong – Nolthando
08. First State – Evergreen
09. MLV – Love Planet
10. Kimito Lopez – Sub Runner
11. Menno de Jong ft. Re:Locate – Solid State
12. Leon Bolier ft. Astrid – Crazy People (Alternative Mix)
13. Cliff Coenraad – Manjula
14. Whirloop – Cirrus Station

CD2 Bonus Disc: Intuition Recordings Back Catalogue

01. Jonas Steur - Castamara
02. Jonas Steur - Silent Waves
03. Menno de Jong - Tundra (Fierce Dub)
04. Menno de Jong - Tundra (Original Mix)
05. Menno de Jong - Tundra (Mark Otten Remix)
06. Airbase - Escape
07. Airbase - For The Fallen
08. Fable - Above
09. Fable - Nightshift
10. Fable - Nightshift (Re:Locate Remix)

Menno de Jong’s first mix compilation ever is a really cool CD which will make all trance fans smile for sure. Some cool pure trance tracks, but also some harder, very energetic, pumping tracks can be found on this compilation. A lot of brand new and exclusive stuff and the bonus CD with the ‘Intuition Recordings Back Catalogue ’, make this CD a nice addition for every trance fan!

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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