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Friday 11th, January 2008
Master Series Volume One - Mixed by Will Holland and Alex MORPH B2B Woody Van Eyden
Updated: Saturday 02nd, February 2008

Will Holland comes together with Alex MORPH & Woody Van Eyden to bring us a brand new mix series on Enhanced Recordings. Masters Series Volume One is a two disc collection of the greatest that Enhanced has to offer as well as some of today's most popular trance and progressive tracks. Alex & Woody also boast their latest releases as well as a few personal exclusives. It looks like it's safe to say that this CD surely will not disappoint.

Disc One - Will Holland

Will starts things off with the groovy and beautiful Carl B "Just a Thought" [Allende Remix], which features a beautiful guitar and a lovely bassline. Up next is my favorite progressive track from 2007, Talla2XLC "No In Between" [Duderstadt Progressive Mix]. An electro-inspired uplifting corker, it features crisp percussion, a fantastic bassline assortment and a breath-taking breakdown. Heading in a different direction is Tranquility Base "Oceanic" [Super8 & Tab Remix], featuring yet another awesome bassline. Darker than the original, this one paints a more haunting picture with uplifting overtones. Following suit is the dark and moody "Suru" by Super8 & Tab with Martin Roth on the remix. Estiva presents Sunover "Fame" rolls in next, with its dark atmosphere and catchy theme. Things take a brighter turn with Alex Chilcot "Maui Sunrise". A warm and smooth trancer with a beach-like vibe, this one's perfectly titled and rather unique as well. Upcomer Sindre Eide is on next with his progressive tune "Only When I Sleep". The highlights of this one include the piano solo during the break and the unique lead. Up next is one of my favorites of 2007, Sequentia "Eclipse". Driving percs, a fantastic lead and breakdown - this is what trance is about. Temple One follows suit with the warm and sublime "Aurora". This one contains a fantastic theme, similar to Jose Amnesia "The Eternal". The next one is another uplifting monster from my favorite duo of the moment. Deepwide "River" features some solid percs and basslines, a catchy lead and a breath-taking breakdown. Again, this is what trance is about. Will Holland vs Six Senses "Frantic" [Sean Tyas Remix] takes over where Deepwide left off but comes more as a filler than anything else. The highly anticipated Kyo & Gil "Ultima" picks things back up with its powerful theme and captivating pads during the intro and outro. Up next is a gem from a production titled Sense of Shiver feat Boom "Offshore" [Joe Garrett's Ocean View Remix]. Featuring atmospheric vocal pads, subtle plucks and an overall smooth trancey vibe, this one caught me off guard. Finishing things off is Jussi Soro "Merge" with Sequentia on the remix. A powerful and uplifting trancer with some edgy pad sweeps (or are they stabs?) and a massive lead all topped off by Jan's taunting vocals. Sequentia can do no wrong. Overall this CD has a great range of trance, from progressive to full-on to melodic. The transitions are great, the tracks are more than fresh and the flow works well too.

Disc Two - Alex MORPH b2b Woody Van Eyden

The Fenology bosses start things off with Alex Bartlett "Touch the Sun" [Rank 1 Remix]. Fantastic vocals while they last but all that's really present is a brief portion of the breakdown. Next up is Carl B "Just a Thought" [Original Mix], an edgy progressive trancer with a killer lead and a beautiful theme. The mix take a techier and darker route with the approach of Nic Chagall "Borderline". The bassline is just killer and the use of FX and the melodic layers really come together to create something special here. Perpetual feat Fisher "Innocent" with Manvel Ter-Pogosyan on the remix is next in line. A vocal production with a melancholy theme keeps things moving along until Alex MORPH feat Katie Marne "Spirit" [Original Dub] comes along. "Spirit" is an edgy progressive trancer featuring a coarse bassline and a few lush vocal riff here and there. Lost Witness vs Sassot with their follow-up single "Sin Mas" provide a change of pace, bringing forth a bit of warmth to the tracklist. Another side chained bassline, chugging percussion and some nice pads are present here but not much else. Up next is Aly & Fila vs Amadeus "A Dream of Peace", a Egyptian-Lebanese collaboration that provides a massive breakdown, catchy theme and lovely pads. The techy sounds return yet again with Sebastian Sand "Strange Bends" [Kyau & Albert Remix]. Lovely theme and breakdowns present in this one. Up next is Agnelli & Nelson pres. A&N Project with "Wear that Dress". Not too much to say about this one - either you love it or you hate it. Production-wise things are good but the vocals just don't cut it. Things take a melodic turn with Daniel Kandi's "Make Me Believe", a very 2004 Anjunabeats-inspired production with a nice theme and catchy lead. A bit generic and fluffy, almost too much so for many folks out there. Talla2XLC returns again with "No In Between", only this time it's John O'Callaghan on the remix. An uplifting and banging remix from Ireland's finest. Ground Control then take over where Talla left off with Woody Van Eyden's remix of "Then & Now", with it's beautiful theme and breakdown and it's full-on chorus. Keeping with the energy and emotion, the beautiful Alex MORPH b2b Woody Van Eyden remix of DT8 Project "Breathe" is up next with its solid lead and lovely theme. The energy almost drops with the transition into MORPH & Van Eyden "I Love Trance" [Original Mix] and finishing things off is Soliquid "Music is For Rich People" [Mat Zo Remix]. A bit of an odd note to finish on in my opinion but nonetheless it's a killer track with a fantastic bassline, breakdown and overall flow. In conclusion a decent mix CD but the flow is off at several points and simply put the tracklist just doesn't compare to disc one. Nonetheless this CD has several hits in the tracklist and it does pack a bit of energy.

In Conclusion...

All in all both mixes offer something different which is a good thing of course. Pound for pound disc one reigns supreme, with its fantastic flow and wonderful tracklist. A great installment for the first of what I hope will be many of the Masters Series. 4/5

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