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Saturday 02nd, February 2002
Lovely Day
Updated: Tuesday 07th, October 2008

After some mishaps with members not getting in (reasons are confidential) everyone was in and enjoying the party.

Dana Berquist and Parham did what they were best at the first three hours on the floor. They delivered hot, pumping progressive and deep house to get the feet’s and minds warmed up. Meantime the trance.nu crew had a nice long chat with both Luke and James and it turned out that they are really nice and kind guys. Easy to talk to and always having a smile on their face.

Luke started of his set at 01:00, and his set was as he described it himself: dark, funky and progressive house. Playing some great funky, bouncy and dark tracks he really made the crowd warm. He rounded it up with some crazy Progressive tracks that made everyone jump up and down like crazy. He also played one of the best tracks under the evening, Chemical Brothers - Hey girl, Hey boy. When he delivered that track the whole place went wild, literally, everyone was screaming, jumping and just dancing to one of the best tracks ever made. Commercial or overplayed, no one cared, everyone was there to have fun and they sure as hell did have fun! Luke finished of his set with the “theme” of the party, his track made by him and partner Bruce Aisher: Brancaccio & Aisher - Lovely Day, and it sure was lovely.

Next up was James Holden. Big expectations on the man and he sure didn’t let anyone down. Starting it slowly and then building up a mood with the crowd I’ve never seen. People’s feet were hurting, they were sweating and they were falling, but nothing could help, James made everyone stay on the damn floor and dance their damn feet’s off. Actually a good fat reducing program. The second big track of the day was when he played Accadia - Into the Dawn (James Holden Remix). That one is all about bass and emotions. I have never in my life seen such good mood and so friendly and nice people as this night. It was pure magic and I just hope that those that didn’t come will enjoy the footage that will be up later on.

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