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Wednesday 05th, May 2010
Lange - Intercity Spring 2010
Updated: Sunday 01st, August 2010

With a career spanning longer than just about everyone else out there, Lange is responsible for a number of all-timers such as "Sincere," "I Believe" and DJ Sakin "Protect Your Mind" [Lange Remix]. His record label has graced the scene with a number of massive singles and albums over the years and adding to the list is "Intercity Spring 2010," featuring 2 discs of the latest trance and progressive from some of today's leading artists. We have all been hearing about this album for months and now it is finally here. Let's have a look at the results...

Mix 01

Much like his radio show, "Intercity Spring 2010" capitulates everything that we would expect in a set from Lange. Groovy, funky percussion and buzzy basslines with catchy synth hooks at the start then bangin' full-on trance and tech at the end. Mix 01 contains a fantastic tracklist, starting off with the playful "Restart" by Gerry Cueto, moving on to the Ronski Speed remix of Deep Voices "Heart of Glass" and the fantastic Terry Ferminal remix of "Pictures of You" by Mark Sinclair, which has been a favorite of mine for months now. Lange picks up the pace with the bass-driven Robert Gitelman "Milestone" and hard-synthed Organ Donors "Dr Kaotica". The mix really begins to peak near the hour mark with Robert Burian's trance mix of DJ Preach feat. Matthew Ryan "Spark" and reaches full peaktime status with the euphoric John Dopping "The Mind" [Activa Remix] and banging Simon Patterson "Miss You". Mixing is spot on and the flow is great. Mix 01 shows Lange's melodic side and incorporating the rawness that makes his sets unique.

Mix 02

Mix 02 starts off with a very peculiar yet lovely production entitled "Magic Valley" by Atem Niblz. Quirky melodies are the theme at the start of this mix, which is further proven with playful tracks like "Devastate" by Setrise and Ben Preston "This Feeling Inside". The set moves on to numerous techy bass-driven tracks like the pulsing Ronski Speed "Denva" and Beat Service's gorgeous "Hiding to Nothing" featuring the lush vocals of Emma Lock. Lange ups the energy with "Distraction" by Paul Vernon and Andy Power "Out You" which build up the mix for more upbeat and melodic techy numbers like Lange "Under Pressure", Sander Van Doorn "Daisy" and Ron Van Den Beuken "Her Tears". A bit more raw than Mix 01, Mix 02 packs harder, edgier bass and numerous lush breakdowns.


Mix 01

01. Gerry Cueto – Restart (Original Mix)
02. Deep Voices – Heart Of Glass (Ronski Speed Remix)
03.Mark Sinclair – Pictures Of You (Terry Ferminal Remix)
04. Arcane Science – The Sorcery Within (Mike Koglin Remix)
05. Robert Gitelman – Milestone
06. Organ Donors – Dr Kaotica
07. Ummet Ozcan – Next Phase (Phase 2 Mix)
08. Renι Ablaze meets Pluton & Alex Trinnity – Slave (Original Mix)
09. Paul Vinitsky – Fox-Club (Original)
10. Jan Oostdyk vs Robert Smit – Espana El Color
11. DJ Preach feat. Matthew Ryan – Spark (Robert Burian Trance Mix)
12. John Dopping – The Mind (Activa Remix)
13. Matias Faint – Neitherworld (Heatbeat Remix)
14. Simon Patterson – Miss You (Original Mix)

Mix 02

01. Atem Niblz – Magic Valley (Original Mix)
02. Setrise – Devastate
03. Ad Brown – Vaporized (Steur Bros. Remix)
04. Ben Preston – This Feeling Inside (Original Mix)
05. Steve Brain – La Gomera
06. Ronski Speed – Denva (Original Mix)
07. Velvetine – Safe (Wherever You Are) [Rank 1 Remix]
08. Beat Service ft. Emma Lock – Hiding To Nothing (Original Mix)
09. Paul Vernon – Distraction (Original Mix)
10. Andy Power ft. Casy – Out You
11. Michael Jay Parker – Identity (Daniel Wanrooy Remix)
12. Lange – Under Pressure (Original Mix)
13. Michael Badal – Exile (Original Mix)
14. Sander van Doorn – Daisy (Original Mix)
15. Ron van den Beuken – Her Tears (Namira) (Extended Mix)


If you're into Lange's productions, sets and his label's recent releases, or you are just into trance and progressive trance with lots of bass and edgymelodies, this is the compilation for you. It includes a good number of both underground and undiscovered tracks that have not been caned to death on dozens of Armada or Ministry of Sound compilations.

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