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Sunday 04th, July 2010
Lange - Harmonic Motion
Updated: Sunday 01st, August 2010

Three years after his long-awaited debut album, Lange is back with his second artist album "Harmonic Motion". 2010 has already been a busy year for Lange with singles on both Lange Recordings and High Contrast and not to mention his well-received "Intercity: Spring 2010" mix album that came out a month or two ago. "Harmonic Motion" is an unmixed album featuring various concepts from trance to house to orchestral. Lange teams up with a number of vocalists as well, including Emma Hewitt, Betsie Larkin and Sarah Howells.

"Harmonic Motion" starts off with the album-titled track itself. Clean drums, a phat bassline and lots of melody and harmony sum up this cool track. "High Noon" takes the track on a deeper, atmospheric detour, featuring mysterious pads and driving percussion. There are hints of the old Lange flavor amidst this modern-sounding trance track. The massive "Live Forever" (featuring Emma Hewitt) is next, continuing the melodic trend. One of my favorites this year, I am glad it was included.

"Live Forever" is followed by "How Long", a beautiful orchestral number with lush harmonies and chords. "All Around Me" is next, an uplifting number with gorgeous pads and quality vocals from Betsie Larkin that is perhaps my favorite track off the album. Next in line is "Wie Komme Ich Am Besten Zum Bannhof Bitte" with its techy bassline, hypnotic synths, massive breakdown and gradual builds and releases. A very entrancing and atmospheric track!

The catchy vocal-driven and bassline-packed "Let It All Out" (featuring Sarah Howells) is next. Many are already familiar with this one and due to its success, I can see why it had to be included in the album. "Angel" is a gorgeous pop-sounding downbeat track featuring the sexy vocals of The Hall Of Mirrors. Chunky breakbeats and rich pads create a perfect backdrop for the vocals. Lange joins up with vocalist Sarah Howells again for the next number, "Fireworks", a triplet-driven techy track with a stacatto bassline and rough synths.

"Sci-Fi Hero" picks up the pace again with its upbeat percussion, driving bassline and melodic hooks. The breakdown is very 2000-Lange, featuring phasing pads and melodic lead. Up next, Lange teams up with his first male vocalist Alexander Klaus in "Strong Believer". Featuring a stern pulsing bassline, cool plucks, synth sequences, and a nice theme, "Strong Believer" is an all-around solid track. Lange brightens the mood with the following track, "Clouds Across The Sun", which features Sarah Ozelle on the vocals. One of his few major-keyed tracks, "Clouds Across The Sun" is an uplifting melodic number with warm pads and beautiful vocals. The album ends with the lush reprise of "All Around Me" with Betsie Larkin. A truly beautiful conclusion for a solid album.

If you have been enjoying Lange's latest works, then this album will be right up your alley. I give it the thumbs up and a rating of 4/5!


01. Lange Harmonic Motion (06:30)
02. Lange High Noon (06:03)
03. Lange feat. Emma Hewitt Live Forever (06:1cool
04. Lange How Long (03:42)
05. Lange feat. Betsie Larkin All Around Me (05:20)
06. Lange Wie Komme Ich Am Besten Zum Bannhof Bitte (06:17)
07. Lange feat. Sarah Howells Let It All Out (06:23)
08. Lange feat. Hall of Mirrors Angel (03:21)
09. Lange feat. Sarah Howells Fireworks (03:10)
10. Lange Sci-Fi Hero (06:13)
11. Lange feat. Alexander Klaus Strong Believer (07:5cool
12. Lange feat. Sarah Ozelle Clouds Across The Sun (06:56)
13. Lange feat. Betsie Larkin All Around Me (01:53)

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