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Monday 31st, May 2010
Lange featuring Emma Hewitt - Live Forever
Updated: Sunday 01st, August 2010

Lange has been quite busy as of late, what with the release of "Intercity 2010", running Lange Recordings and the completion of his second artist album "Harmonic Motion", which is due out this summer. Adding to that, he is already releasing the lead single off of his album. "Live Forever" features the vocals of Emma Hewitt with rising stars Mat Zo and Steve Brian on remix duties.

Original Mix

"Live Forever" contrasts slightly with Lange's recent efforts, in that the track is rather upbeat, driving and melodic. That said, "Live Forever" still packs the raw edginess that Stuart is well-known for. Techy percussion starts the show, soon joined by a rumbly, pluck-like bassline and catchy arps. The vocals soon drop in and they are rather catchy and they fit perfectly in the track. The breakdown features a lovely square pluck arppegio and a few cool bass effects. The vocals return again and at this point the track becomes quite epic. The track begins to build back up and the chorus kicks in, dominated by the gorgeous vocals of Emma, the lead arp and that cool bassline. Quality stuff through and through!

Mat Zo Remix

Taking a darker, techier route, Mat features quirky percs, strange FX and a crisp, sidechained bassline in his remix. Emma's voice drops in after the bassline becomes comfortable. A beautiful sweeping saw chord riff drops in for a moment before the breakdown takes over, which features numerous vocal chops and some soft pads. Emma's voice returns again, accompanied by lush chord stabs. The chorus is rather melodic and trancey, but only lasts a brief moment before the quirky-techiness kicks in after a massive buildup. Overall a strange yet beautiful journey that displays a lot of creativity!

Steve Brian Remix

Steve's remix is a gorgeous melodic prog-trancer, reminiscent of his works from last year. Clean, bouncy percussion is soon joined by lovely pluck melodies and a crispy bassline. The breakdown is filled with gorgeous pads and Emma's voice, creating an uplifting atmosphere. The track kicks back in within a moment, introducing simple yet effective rough saw stab chords. Playful plucks soon filter in and are then joined by Emma's chorus line once more. A dreamy and beautiful progressive remix that will most likely make you smile - cheesy but true!


As with previously reviewed Lange Recordings releases, each remix offers something unique and exciting. I'm not sure which mix I would prefer and I am sure you will have a hard time deciding yourself. This single gets a 5/5.

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