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Sunday 16th, May 2010
Grotesque: In Search Of Sunrise 8 release party
Updated: Monday 17th, May 2010

With Richard Durande – In search of Sunrise 8

Line-up: Ram & Artento Divini, Richard Durand, Sied van Riel, Jochen Miller
Venue: Ocean Diva, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Date: May 15th

Grotesque was the official launchparty of on of the best kept secrets of the Black Hole Recordings label, Richard Durand. At this party he was presented as the new dj for the famous In Search of Sunrise series, which as everyone knows was almost synonymous for dj Tiesto. So quite a surprise that Richard Durand is the new mister ISOS and a challenge for this dj to continue the legacy. So expectations were quite high this evening. But also because the line up looked quite well and all of this would take place in the magical surrounding of a cruise ship, which would also head out on water during the night. I was quite excited!

I had to be on the Ocean Diva before 0.00 because the ship would sail off after that time. So I made it exactly on time. Parking your car close to the Ocean Diva was possible, but it wasn’t cheap (also because there are no alternatives, you cannot park on the street, a parking garage was the only way, so I already had spent 16 euros before even entering the ship).

There was a small queu before entering the ship, but that wasn’t a surprise because it was going to leave real soon. The entrance was organized well, we got our wristbands and drinking coins (2,50 per coin, not cheap). I’ve been on the Ocean Diva once before, but it was in a summer period. The problem with the ship is that it can get very hot inside, but fortunately not tonight. Also to my surprise it wasn’t really packed full of people, but enough to fill the dancefloor. And plenty of space to dance
Between 0.00 and 1.30 the ship took off to sail on the waters of the IJ river. You could go up on the decks to have a breath of fresh air, bust most ppl did the opposite, i.c. to have a smoke . Unfortanetely it wasn’t that warm outside so most people went inside quickly and I can’t blame them, be cause the party was inside!

The dance venue was a large square with two bars in the corner. Also you could go upstairs and look down on the dancefloor. Lights and sound very pretty good (I’ve seen better, but it was enough to kick ass). There were two very good lasers, LCD screens, spotlights on both sides of the dancefloor, smoke machines. Also attached to the ceiling about 50 disco balls in different sizes. Nice touch. The only minor thing is that the dancevenue did not have surround speakers, just on one side, so all the sound was coming from the same side, right next to the dj booth. Nevertheless, the quality was still good and people seemed to have an excellent time! The dj booth was also really close to the crowd, you could touch the dj´s if you wanted and some people did, so the dj´s did a lot of handshaking that night.

Ram and Artento Divini were the opening act, I didn´t catch their first tracks, but they were playing when I arrived, and it sounded very nice. The crowd was having a good time already at this time of hour, something that I don´t see often in clubs so early in the night. But here, the party mood was already present everywhere, what a great crowd!

Also quite early in the evening, the main event Ricard Durant, started playing already, just a moment after midnight. And I can tell you, it was kick ass great! What an impressive set, Richard Durand mixed a couple of styles so it was far from boring. From trance tot clubhouse, from progressive to techno.
Richard Durand was also having a great time himself, playing enhusiastic and you could see him having fun. This was also picked up by the crowd, you could definitely say there was a link between them. During the set Ricard took the mic and addressed the crowd in Dutch that he always had thought that the best party crowds and athmospheres were abroad at international parties but that this crowd tonight made him change his mind! These words will perhaps give the feeling and impression of how terrific the night was going! Richard is also very well known for his remixes and what me certainly got going this night was the track ‘In and out of Love’ Armin van Buuren, which in another remix. He ended his set with a remix from Paul van Dijk’s ‘For an angel’ and the crowd cheered him goodbye with a huge applause.

Next up was Sied van Riel. Oh boy was he great. Also known for his remixes (on of my favourites ‘Mme’) So Sied was quite good, although he’s not as vivid and lively as Richard, so after a while the athmosphere broke down a little, but it could also be that some of the crowd was leaving because it was getting late.

After Sied came Jochen Miller, who dances along with his own music as he plays it, which is terrific to watch and see the dj enjoy the music as much as the crowd does! (also difficult to make his picture, because he’s constantly moving  ). And this was probly my lucky night, as on of my favourites Vincent de Moore’s Fly Away was played in a remix by Jochen. Thanks man!

In one word, terrific party! Ricard Durant is the perfect succesor for the ISOS franchise and his talents are a promise for great sounds in the future. I didn’t see such a party crowd that was having such a great time in a long time, so it was very satisfying having been part of this crowd. A word of thanks to the organization PT events (not very well known yet) and I’m curious if they can repeat this succes with the next edition of Grotesque. For now, a great job done!

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