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Monday 23rd, August 2010
InfraProgressive Summer Sampler Volume 3

Infrasonic Recordings delivers its latest offering from its progressive offshoot label InfraProgressive, with volume three of its much anticipated sampler series. The summer edition packs a three track EP that showcases some of the bright emerging talent in the progressive trance scene at the moment.

Willem de Roo – Solstice
Dutchman Willem de Roo heads up the EP with “Solstice” and quite simply the only way I can describe this track is that it is a slice of summer. Drenched in feel good energy, the track oozes summer with its playful melody, rich pads, phat bass line and great vibe. The plucky melody compliments the bass line well as it tells its summer story throughout. A top start to the EP.

Peter Wibe – Ya Man
Adding a darker edge to the EP, Peter Wibe delivers “Ya Man”. It’s full on raw bass line picks you up and carries you forward into the moody atmosphere and into the breakdown. Expect an even bigger atmosphere here as we’re greeted with its hypnotic side chained pads, rolling into its quirky and plucky percussion, as we continue into its intrepid journey. The title doesn’t really do the track justice, but overall a solid trancer from Peter.

Ansis Zvirgzdins – Silver Lining
If we had an award for the most difficult to pronounce surname, Ansis would probably get it! The Latvian based producer is on hand to round off the EP with “Silver Lining”. With its soft and gentle approach, we begin with glimpses of the track’s almost angelic feeling pads. With its bass line popping in and out of the track and continued soaring pads it takes you into the break, an emotional yet somehow uplifting affair. In that I don’t think the track was designed to give one emotion more than the other, yet delivers both effortlessly. Quite simply this track is breath-taking!

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this EP, not something I was expecting. It’s very difficult to pin point one track as the outright winner as they are all very good in their own way. But I think “Solstice” and “Silver Lining” have the edge. One to look out for, out soon on InfraProgressive. 8/10

Willdem de Roo - http://www.myspace.com/willemderoo
Peter Wibe - http://www.myspace.com/peterwibe
Ansis Zvirgzdins - http://www.myspace.com/ansiszvirgzdins

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