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Wednesday 18th, February 2009
In Trance We Trust 013 mixed by Carl B.
Updated: Thursday 19th, February 2009

In Trance We Trust 013 mixed by Carl B. Since the year 1998 Black Hole Recordings is releasing their famous ‘In Trance We Trust’ mix compilations. So far the ITWT CD’s have been mixed already by people such as Johan Gielen, Cor Fijneman, Misja Helsloot, Mark Norman, Ton TB, Phynn and others. This time the 24 year old Swedish DJ / producer talent Carl Barrdahl a.k.a. Carl B. (crowned “Breakthrough DJ of 2008” by Tiësto himself!) was asked to mix the 13th edition of ‘In Trance We Trust’.

The CD starts with the great Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek Repimp of Cor Fijneman’s latest release ‘Disappear’. Together with the beautiful vocals of Melissa Mathes I think this is a perfect opener for this compilation. The second track is a brand new Carl B. production: ‘On Short Notice’. A nice instrumental trancey track that is followed up by the beautiful ‘Simple Pleasures’ from Belgian based producer Jonas Steur. A great production with a super sweet melody in it! The next track on the CD is a track that I’ve heard for the first time in the summer of 2008: ‘Cygnes’ from Mr Sam featuring clAud9. I loved this track from the minute I’ve heard it and I still love it! So I was happy to see this one in the tracklisting here. Next one up is a special Carl B. mash up: ‘Breathe In The Radar’, which contains First State’s ‘Off The Radar’ and Alex Kunnari’s ‘Breathe In’. The result is really cool and I think people who never heard both original tracks, have no idea that this one is actually a mash up!

After this one it’s time for 2 Carl B. collaborations; the first one is ‘Take Off’ together with Chris Renzl, a very nice and energetic trance track, followed up by ‘Orchid Blossom’, a great new production from Carl together with Joni Ljungqvist under his ‘JPL’ alias. This track was finished just in time for the compilation! And that’s good news, since ‘Orchid Blossom’ is a very nice euphoric track that shows that those 2 young Swedish producers know what they’re doing!

More energetic stuff follows with ‘Defination’ by ‘Virtual Vault’, but not straight from the beginning. First we hear a short orchestral piece and then it’s time for a lot of energy! Another beauty is ‘Sunshower’ by ‘Existone’, which is al alias of Russian producer Sergey Zarubin .’Sunshower’ is a very powerful trance track that recently was released on the ITWT label. Then we have ‘Renegades’, a collaboration between producers Thomas Sagstad and Tyler Michaud. On remix duty it’s ‘Elevation’, who delivers a great remix on this one. After ‘Renegades’ it’s time for a more tech orientated track; ‘Sticky Tape’, a cool production by Patrick Plaice and Frank Ellrich.

Track 12 on the album is a collaboration between Dutch top producers Sied van Riel and Geert Huinink. The sweet balearic guitar in ‘Sunrise’ makes me forget about the cold and wet Dutch winter we have right now! Carl decided to make a nice combination of the ‘Topher Jones Remix’ and the original version, which works out really well! Definitely one of my favorites on the album! Next one up is a track from Fred Numf, a Dutch producer who’s around in the music business for a very long time already. His contribution to the album is the track ‘Directions’, which is a vocal trance track combined with a nice guitar and some pumping beats! The last track on the album is ‘Tropical Shores’ by ‘Setrise vs Braend’. This one is a collaboration between Melle Bakker and Jens Wendel-Hansen, two new, young (both 17!!!) and very talented producers. Keep an eye on these guys! ‘Tropical Shores’ is a very warm, summer-ish track and a perfect one to end this compilation!

After various great releases and remixes for famous artists such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and others, this CD is another highlight in the career of the young Swedish producer. Carl B. made a perfect selection of great, new tunes, mixed perfectly into 78 minutes of pure listening pleasure!

As always the CD comes with really nice artwork.. In Trance We Trust volume 13 is a beautiful, high quality mix compilation with lots of fresh and energetic tracks on it! A must have for all trance lovers! So … who said that 13 was not a lucky number? 4/5

Out now on In Trance We Trust / Black Hole Recordings

01. Cor Fijneman ft. Melissa Mathes - Disappear (Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek Repimp)
02. Carl B - On Short Notice
03. Jonas Steur - Simple Pleasures
04. Mr Sam ft. clAud9 - Cygnes
05. First State vs. Alex Kunnari - Breath In The Radar (Carl B Mashup)
06. Chris R vs. Carl B - Take Off
07. Carl B vs. JPL - Orchid Blossom (This Mix)
08. Virtual Vault - Definition
09. Existone - Sunshower (Club Mix)
10. Thomas Sagstad & Tyler Michaud - Renegades (Elevation Remix)
11. Patrick Plaice & Frank Ellrich - Sticky Tape
12. Van Riel en Huinink - Sun Rise (Original vs.Topher Jones Remix)
13. Fred Numf - Directions
14. Setrise vs. Braend - Tropical Shores

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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