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Friday 18th, June 2010
Halifax - Reveal Your Innocence 2010 Remixes

Hailed as a classic of 2004, Mark Otten and Frans Van Der Boom produced a sentimental yet energetic track that opened ASOT 153 Newest Tunes and was play listed everywhere. It was the intimate breakdown of the melody and its powerful reprisal that made this track special.

Fast forward to 2010, Captured, the original releaser of the tune, held a contest where the winner would sit alongside a new remix package released in Spring of this year. Six years on from the original release, can these producers maintain the spirit of the original or is this package at the mercy of the slower, more progressive sound we have heard over the past 3-4 years?

Keeping a close eye on the 2004 original, Matias Lehtola makes full use of the original synth throughout the climactic highpoints of the track and takes the drums down a pounding (almost techy) route. A fantastic homage to the original that will stand up to the beefier sound of today in a DJ set.

Samuel Jackson really changes the pace with a progressive sounding remix that sounds very much like the vogue of today. Granted, Jackson has managed to pull this contrast in mood with taste but the static melody and slower tempo takes away the spirit of the piece.

Again, new talent Fandy has the same idea as Samuel Jackson and completely reworks the melody, or more appropriately deletes it (!), and uses a heavily sidechained bass line to deliver a half-baked melody that doesn’t really pack a punch.

The competition winner Matt Millon eases off on the energy and focus on a fresh melody that places the mood in a more sombre context. Retaining the Gina J vocal and signature rhythmic synths Matt really captures the mood of the piece – the pick of the bunch.

A mixed bag, the Matt Millon and Matias Lehtola really make this release special with musical additions that reveal the true qualities of the original.

Written by:
Scott Normanton

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