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Tuesday 29th, June 2010
Glensk - Pacific Blue
Updated: Sunday 01st, August 2010

Glensk moves up to Infrasonic from its sister label, Infrasonic Future with his latest track "Pacific Blue." Remixes come from Solis & Sean Truby as well as Daniel Kandi, whose efforts have earned the coveted webvote winner title on Above & Beyond's Trance Around the World radio show. Here are the results.

Original Mix

The original features speedy percussion, a pumping kick drum and some cool saw and square synths. The bassline is quite driving and from the start, the track contains a good amount of energy and a sense of motion. Perhaps a bit overly sidechained and the production may sound a little clustered and crowded, the ideas are nice and the theme is quite uplifting. The break features some nice pads and piano and the chorus features a cool soaring lead. The ideas here are good for sure. Not a bad effort overall.

Daniel Kandi Remix

Daniel takes a unique perspective on "Pacific Blue" and more or less makes the track his own. He inserts his own drums, bassline and even theme. The track has a lot more breathing room, it sounds much cleaner and the atmosphere is quite bright and warm. The theme is quite simple but it works so well. The lead that emerges during the break just hits all the right notes. Daniel adds in some good lead variation throughout the chorus to keep things interesting too. An outstanding nostalgic effort all around.

Solis & Sean Truby

Solis & Sean take a darker, chunkier route compared to the previous two versions. Chunky percs and cool synthy FX are present at the start and are soon joined by a crispy bassline and a lush arp. The breakdown features nice pads and the original piano-like lead. A long buildup ushers in the chorus, which features some synth chords and the bassline. This mix stays pretty true to the original but offers a deeper perspective. Not bad!


All mixes are enjoyable but the original and Solis & Truby mixes are pretty forgettable. Daniel's mix stands out as the winner with its clean production, awesome melodies and catchy lead. 4/5 overall.

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