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Monday 19th, October 2009
Full On Ferry 2009
Updated: Tuesday 20th, October 2009

Line-up: Ferry Corsten, BT, Marco V, Super8 & Tab, Duderstadt, Muzikjunki
Venue: Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date: 17th of October

Full On Ferry 2008 was seriously one of the best party’s I ever attended. That night, everything came together: a wicked crowd, a fantastic show and some superb sets. No wonder I had high expectations of this year’s edition. The line-up looked interesting, though maybey not so strong as last year. But it’s not about the names, but about the music and spectacle we would encounter during the night. Ferry Corsten plays a full night, with back2back sessions with the artists mentioned in the line-up.

Just two days before this party I catched a major cold and for long I wasn’t certain if I could make it. That day however, after a good rest, it was time to go and party all the booger away! We arrived around 23.40 at the party, a bit later than expected. Parking was really easy and quick, no big rows, so that was great. We picked up our wristsbands and made a very quick entry. Also picking up some drink coins was great (although 2,50 for a coin is quite pricey). The hall where the party was, was a little bit smaller than last year. The hall was not totally full during the night, but that’s a big plus in my opinion. Lots of dancing space and no big qeues make life so much easier.

I tried to do a live Twitter-report during that night on ww.twitter.com/trancenu which went well, but uploading videos during the night proved to be a problem unfortunately.

Muzikjunki was the opening act and he played quite long, till 0.50 or something. The decoration was very minimal and there were some blue lights and that was about it. I was checking if the infamous flying DJ booth was there again, but it did not seem so. The rest of the decoration wasn’t as impressive as last year. Muzikjunki’s set was OK, he played a nice mash-up of Ferry’s toptune We Belong with Xpander (yes it works!).
But the real wait was for Ferry. The opening last year was fantastic, with Twice In A Blue Moon bursting out of the speakers and spectacular fireworks. This year, well.. it was a bit disappointing. The intro wasn’t so spectacular, some fireworks and no specactular DJ booth rising from the ground. The first track Ferry played also wasn’t a real crowdmover in my opinion.

This false start pretty much set the tone for the rest of the night. The audience couldn’t or didn’t want to get in the real party mood. Not a lot of people were dancing or shouting or going wild. Out of nowhere suddenly the artist Novastar performed for his track Because. He sung incredibly out of key, but the music was fantastic. Too bad. Live vocals seldom add anything good at a danceparty.

Next up were Super8 and Tab, performing with Ferry. Some nice tracks were played, but the soundsystem couldn’t deliver the energy of the tracks to the crowd. When there were vocals in a track, I hardly could hear what they were singing.. I observed the crowd for a while and I must say 80% were standing still. This was not the artist’s fault, they did what they could, but the crowd just didn’t get it sometimes. Also I saw a lot of strange people (drugs?) and a lot of people that could have been my mum or dad. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but my feeling that something was wrong with the crowd grew the longer I observed. I heard people singing: “put a dick in that woman”, I saw people shouting for beer to the waiters, I saw people walking around totally hazy. Totally different than last year, where I saw amazingly happy people, a good vibe and a good sound system. We also heard Marco V perform, who started very, very good, but ended with some annoyingly monotone music. For the rest: no show, no flying DJ booth, no amazing lasershow.. just nothing!

Unfortunately my cold catched me again, making me feel very tired. So at I missed BT (who played a solid livesession with Ferry I heard) and Duderstadt. But I can hardly imagine that the crowd and show would get any better during the night. I also talked with a lot of other people that night and they had the same feeling as me, something didn’t go well this night.

This edition of Full On Ferry was a big contrast to last year. In terms of energy, joy, musical quality, show, but mostly in atmosphere. The artists did what they could, but altogether it felt rushed, without any good lead through the night. What a shame, Ferry and the jocks deserved way better!

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