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Wednesday 29th, October 2008
Ferry Corsten - Twice In A Blue Moon
Updated: Thursday 30th, October 2008

Ferry Corsten's third artist album under his own name has arrived. The anticipation is high for this new Twice In A Blue Moon album, because Ferry has announced in various interviews that it will be more trance and melodic than his previous album L.E.F., which was a nice experiment. But it didn't have the impact Right Of Way had back in 2003. We count twelve tracks on the album that will guide us through the mind of Ferry Corsten.

We kick off with Shelter Me, a gorgeous track we might say. Some light beats, with a funky touch guides the listener to the first minutes before we encounter a very nice and emotional breakdown. A very warm track which truely, as Ferry stated "sets the mood and pace for this album". After the gorgeous start we find Black Velvet, a vocal track that combines a bit of dance and trance elements into one. Vox are provided by some Australian girl named Julia. This will probably be a love or hate track for many, I just couldn't get into the vocal part, but the production is quite nice alltogether!

We Belong is a fun track with a nice party atmosphere. Corsten took an ancient Italo Dance record from Fun Fun and twisted it into a nice dancetrack with vocoded Maria Nayler vocals. I just loved the feelgood atmosphere in this one. I am pretty sure many people will call it cheese the first time they hear it, but it takes a few spins to appreciate the catchiness of this track.

And then we arrive in "System F territory" with the truly magnificent track Gabriella's Sky (for background info check the Ferry interview on this site). A stunning and atmospheric trip which slowly grows into a breakbeat trancer, but it's a featherlight track all around which has became an instant favourite of your reviewer.

Made Of Love is the track which is pretty big hype on the net right now, as a video on Youtube shows Ferry Corsten spinning the instrumental version. This album, ofcourse, features the vocal version. The vocal by Betsie really adds to the dramatic feel of this monstertrack and is in my opinion just as good as it's instrumental counterpart. A very pure uplifting trancerecord.

Ok the party is really starting now with Radio Crash, a track I recently reviewed on Trance.nu, you can find the review here. The title track of the album, Twice In A Blue Moon is just a fantastic uplifting trancetrack that more or less builds on from the track Sweet Sorrow from Right Of Way, with the notice that it's bigger, more brutal and much deeper! The main melody is a bit distorted, but sounds exceptionally clean. Many producers manage to drop such a main melody into a puddle of nonsense sounds, but this tune is exactly the way it should be. Very well thought out, spacey, danceable and still atmopheric.

Phew ok, let's get gear down with Feel You, again with Betsie on vocals. It's not the most memorable track on the album and the vocals might not appeal to everyone, but the little melody in this tune is just too sparkling to not like it. Track number nine is Life, which is for me the only really disappointing track on the album. It sounded a bit like Ferry was trying to produce a Sander van Doorn track here. A tad minimal beats for the first minutes, which are a bit boring. The breakdown is quite nice and delivers a nice atmosphere, but the vocals by Ben Cullum really put me off. Not very much happens in between those breakdowns either.

Brain Box is up next, one of the bigger party records that Corsten released the past years. In the Netherlands this track was released as "The Race" and it has been in alot of Ferry Corsten sets the past year. It's either a love or hate tune, but you can't deny the dancefloor impact of this track with that Kernkraft 400 like melody. Still a great record, just don't listen it everyday happy

The final two tracks are just amazing. Shanti opens with a great shaman vocal (pretty oldschool) and transforms into a deadly dancefloor weapon in the middle, where a really pretty melody pushes the track to great heights. Another big favourite on the album. The closing track Visions Of Blue is for me the best peace of ambient work I encountered the past months. It has to be heard to be believed how amazing and deep this two minute song is. I repeated it at least 25 times.

This album is perfectly balanced and feels very warm and atmospheric. Also the album feels very personal and emotional at some times (Gabriella's Sky, Visions Of Blue), while it pretty much ravages dancefloors with tunes like Twice In A Blue Moon and Shanti. A welcome return to the trancier sound for Ferry Corsten and I think much of the tranceheads will be satisfied with a purchase of this album. Buy this album but watch out for your cd player, cause it might eat this disc, because it's just so damn tasty!

01. Shelter Me
02. Black Velvet
03. We Belong
04. Gabriella's Sky
05. Made Of Love
06. Radio Crash
07. Twice In A Blue Moon
08. Feel You
09. Life
10. Brain Box
11. Shanti
12. Visions Of Blue


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