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Monday 29th, June 2009
Ferry Corsten at the Beach

When: Sunday 21
Where: Beachclub BLM9
Who: Rafael Frost, Solarstone, Ferry Corsten
Pictures by: Esther

On Sunday the 21st we (me and Esther) set off to the coast of The Netherlands to check out a special experience. Ferry Corsten would play for four hours in beachclub BLM9. A four hour set isn't too regular here in The Netherlands where DJ's get usually max 2 hours of time to show their skills on the decks. With Rafael Frost and Solarstone as supporting DJ's, this could only be worth it.

Despite the big rainstorms we had to drive through, we arrived at a sunny and perfectly clear Bloemendaal and headed to BLM9. There were some other party's as well and it was the usual dress to impress atmosphere.

We arrived at BLM 9 and found a relaxed beachclub, which wasn't too crowded yet. It's always a bit of shame when a opening DJ plays for like three people, they really deserve more attention. We saw only 30 minutes of Rafael Frost and he played a good atmospheric set, with the amazing Breakfast Remix of Saints and Sinners - Peace as a highlight.

I instantly spotted Rich, the guy behind Solarstone at the moment and we had a quick chat about the place, tunes and booze. A nice guy for sure. He had to play after Rafael Frost and still found a small crowd in front of him with people a bit scared to dance.

He absolutely smashed the place with a great set in my opinion. Classics like Beachball were smoothly mixed into recent Solaris Recordings tracks, The Forerunners Remix of Souls In Motion being the massive highlight for me. At the end the crowd was there to support Rich, but they were mostly looking forward to Ferry Corstens performance.
A shame most people probably didn't realize what a great set they just heard.

Anyway, Ferry came on and started with some fierce houseelectro-ish tracks, instantly pleasing the crowd longing for dancepower. You could see there were a bunch of real Ferry fans there, as we noticed the usual suspects, but also guys dressed in Ferry Corsten t-shirts. Ferry seemed to have a great time. Loads of Twice In A Blue Moon tracks ofcourse and some stuff from the Flashover Recordings label. While he mixed pretty flawless and gave a great and happy performance, his trackselection wasn't the best for my taste that night. Loads of big and noisy tracks, I sometimes missed a good introvert part or a nasty technostyled track. It was mostly big and in your face electrance stuff that seemed a bit much same sounding. Still we had some euphoric moments, but I wasn't as dazzled as usual.

During his hittrack The Race we decided to go home (we had to work next day) and walked back home. A good party, the crowd was amazing and I'm pretty sure the rest of the club disagreed with my critics about Ferry's trackselection, so who cares what a grumpy reviewer says about it? Enjoy the pix!

Thanks to Paula @ Dance Therapy for arranging the tix.

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