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Sunday 21st, February 2010
Estiva - Friends & Enemies EP
Updated: Friday 07th, May 2010

Estiva has proven to be one of today's hottest talents, turning out hit after hit. With his clean yet raw production style, his music can be described as a fusion of prog and trance with a real edge. His latest product is the "Friends & Enemies EP" which has been earning some heavy support as of late. You can currently buy this EP at Beatport with other download stores to follow in about a week.

"Friends & Enemies"

The lead track of the EP happens to share the same name of the release itself (go figure!). "Friends & Enemies" starts off bright, basic and punchy and slowly builds into a rough, rock-trance-like fusion of a track. Basic percs assemble as soaring chords soon sweep in and bring in a deep bassline with them. The track builds up again only to soon drop into the breakdown with a dramatic sweep. A theme similar yet different to Nic Chagall's "What You Need" (mashup anyone?) fades into view with some gradual filter work. A global filter sweep picks the track up and drops it back down to usher in the chorus, which is very powerful and has quite a moody feel to it. A cool, bell-ish pluck develops after a moment, adding a nice touch to this already wonderful track. In summary, this track rocks.


The next track in line is the trancier "Privilage." Starting off are chunky percussion soon joined by a repetitive synth stab and then a nice soft pluck. Pads begin to fade into few, painting a bright, uplifting backdrop to this lovely-sounding tune. The break drops in out of nowhere, pausing for a moment before introducing some gorgeous pads, which are pretty much the only feature during the break. A global EQ sweet brings in a kick and a bassline before sweeping in more percs and the synth stabs from before. The background pads begin to filter in as the track peaks before elements start filtering and/or fading away. This is a very nice, subtle progressive number that proves that sometimes less is more.


"Dalmatia" carries on the philosophy above, featuring simple yet effective elements. Driving percussion, a playful bassline and a gorgeous filtering arp start things off before nostalgic lead stabs begin to filter in. The breakdown focuses on these stabs as they filter up and down and develop after the theme is exposed. A catchy guitar hook appears and before long the track builds up and brings in the chorus. Estiva managed to take oldschool influences and add a fresh, modern twist. Very impressive overall!


Although I have been listening more to Estiva's collaboration with Temple One "November Lovely," this EP is very impressive in its own right. Each track shows a lot of creativity, attention to detail and personality. This release earns a 4.5/5.

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