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Sunday 23rd, September 2007
Digital State - Alter Ego Sessions Volume 01
Updated: Sunday 30th, September 2007

DJ and Producing duo Matt Abbott and Chris Chambers bring us their first of hopefully many Alter Ego compilations. The debut mix album Digital State features two discs; each aimed for a different aspect of a night out at the club. CD one is titled 'Ten PM' and features the deeper, moodier tracks that you would hear during the warm up hours. CD two is rightly dubbed 'Two AM' and focuses on the peak-time productions you'd hear on the dancefloor in the early morning. Both come together to culminate a delicious audio experience which showcases why Alter Ego is recognized as a diverse and successful upcoming label.


Things start off rather dark and bass-oriented with tracks like Shifted Reality & Saterna feat Tiff Lacey "On This Day" and Cerf Mitiska & Jaren "Down to You" [Pulser Remix], the latter being a rather huge electro-progressive track. Not something I'd really expect from Pulser. Nick Thompson & James Vickers "Synaptic Sex" [4Mal feat Elvenfox Remix is a lush, guitar-oriented track that plucks at your emotions. Things take a darker turn with the moody progressive production that is Genix "84 Hours". Hawk really picks things up with "Limitations of Language", a driving, bass-dominated production that really caught my attention. The Kris O'Neil Remix of Abdul Bayyari feat Josh Money "400 Years Till Dawn" brings back a bit of emotion into the mix, featuring some nice guitar licks but unfortunately the vocals are rather incomprehensible. Headstrong feat Tiff Lacey "The Truth" [David West Remix] carries things along with lovely vocals backed by a tasty, progressive production. First & Last "Mind The Gap" [Damien Heck Remix] takes a break from the more trance-influenced stylings of previous productions to throw down some wicked basslines and crisp percussion. Upcoming progressive/electro producer Dennis Sheperd continues the bass ownage with "Pressure". Up next is Genix & Chris Chambers "Waterfall" [Alucard Remix], a dark, driving and atmospheric interpretation up to the typical Alucard standard. Airwave "People Don't Care" [Remix] continues the dark, moody atmosphere. The absolutely stunning progtrancer "Reflect" by Maor Levi really sets things off. The overplayed but in this scenario well-fitted Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert "Megashir brings in one more solid bassline before things start to heat up with JPL "Your Whole Life" [Carl B Remix]; a uplifting and driving tune that takes us right on to the concept of CD two.


Chris and Matt cut through the chase by starting off with Ferry Tayle & Tonks "Vol De Nuit" [Ferry Tayle 'In Spirit of St Exupery' Mix] (wow what a long title!), featuring a lush atmosphere, beautiful lead and driving Alex MORPH-inspired percussion. Things carry along first with the mildly pleasant Krivi "Sunrise in Boka" then the rather unique and captivating Miikka Leinonen "Shadow Hearts". Abbott & Chambers show off their debut single "Never After", which still sounds a bit rough around the edges, but still delivers with that beautiful breakdown and those lovely plucks. One of the highlights comes from Sequentia "Eclipse" [2007 Rework], a superb uplifting and melodic production that I've been waiting 2 or so years to get my hands on. Following that tune is a bit of a less inspiring but very enjoyable 2007 revamp of Matias Lehtola feat Gina J "Burning Bright" by Abbott & Chambers. The quality vocals and solid production of "Burning Bright" are followed by the Abbott & Chambers Remix of Lowell Hales feat Heidi Hazelton "Move Me". Similar in nature to the Kaste remix, this remix delivers as well. One of the 2007 highlights, Breakfast "The Sunlight" [JPL Remix] makes the next appearance. The hands in the air factor continues with Thomas Datt "Distance" and Kamil Polner & Michelle Richer "Equinox" [Nitrous Oxide Remix], the latter of which is easily the highlight of both CDs and perhaps the year. Abbott & Chambers keep the peaktime tunes coming with Matt Abbott "Illusions" [Far & Away Remix], a beautiful and nostalgic production. The driving and melodic tracks Sonicvibe pres Earthspirit "Sky Mountains" [Miikka Leinonen Remix] and Chris Chambers & Static Blue "Dynamica" [Signalrunners Remix] keeps things moving at optimum speed. Speaking of optimum, up next is Carl B "Optimum" which is a rather nice, techy production. Last but definitely not least is the banging and uplifting production from Digital Nature titled "Aeon". Definitely a single I'll be keeping an eye out for.


Packed with an impeccable track list containing many impressive productions, the first edition goes down as a huge success. Hopefully we won't have to wait long for the follow-up album! 4/5

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