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Monday 19th, October 2009
Darren Tate - Horizons 02

Trance heavyweight and Mondo Records front man Darren Tate returns to deliver the second instalment of his critically acclaimed album series ‘Horizons’. Darren is someone who needs very little introduction when it comes to creating electronic masterpieces, being one of the few producers out there who manages to hit the nail on the head time after time when it comes to writing powerful emotional records.

Picking up nicely where “Horizons 01” left off (an album that certainly left us wanting more), “Horizons 02” once again showcases Darren’s latest productions, and like the first it also integrates some of his timeless classics. So what is different about this album you ask? Well let me then ask you this; in how many trance albums would one find a piece of music written and composed by an artist, which was then later performed by a leading international symphony orchestra? Not many hey? This is just one of the many things that excited me about this album.

Kicking things off and setting the mood, we start the album with the 2007 classic “Chori Chori”, which eases you into the magical journey that is to come. Next up, two vocal cuts follow, “Ride The Wave” and “When I Fall In Love”, and then we’re greeted with the beautiful “Sun Electra” on a more housey tip (which is a perfect track to listen to as the sun goes down).

As we enter into the trance realms of the album, we’re greeted by the Computer Music Magazine featured “On The 7th Day” (a track that Darren created live during a cover feature). Keeping his progressive roots to heart, the track keeps the energy flowing and is a beautifully emotional record. Then moving forward we’re guided effortlessly into the Jurgen Vries remix of “I Would Die For You”, a powerful emotive song that was a big club hit late 2008.

Reminiscent of “When I Fall In Love”, “One True Love” takes a similar stance, with its soothing melodies and big vocals. Listeners will recognise the signature vocals of Nicolai Prowse, who was also featured on the DT8 Project album ‘Perfect World’ (Darren’s previous artist album).

When The Morning Comes” is such an apt title for the next track. While listening, you realise how it got its name. The track delighted fans and gained support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Gareth Emery to name but a few.

Next up is the (now considered a classic) “Echoes”, a monster cut from 2007 that originally was on the A-side to Chori Chori and caned by just about everyone. And as the tempo of the album revs up a gear we’re greeted by the techy “Reverse The Silence”, which takes no prisoners with its stunning breakdown and monster beats, proving a firm favourite with BBC Radio 1’s Judge Jules.

As you reach the penultimate track of the album, it’s at this point you get a glimpse of just how diverse Darren is as a composer and producer. Track 11 gives you an insight into his reworking of the theme to the motion picture film “Kireii”.

Finally, to sign the album off, a piece of music solely composed, arranged and produced by Darren. Where, back in October 2008 he jetted off to the Czech Republic to join forces with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra who performed the finale track “Dark Skies”. As you approach the end of the journey, you begin to appreciate where Darren gets his inspiration and ideas from when he creates those epic trance moments.

If you’re a DJ and like any of the tracks from the album, then it has got you covered. As the album is DJ friendly, it means DJ’s are able to use the tracks from the album in their sets without having to worry about edits and shortened versions.

In summation, if you’re up for some carefully crafted and well executed electronic music, then ‘Horizons 02’ is for you. Whilst this album is slightly more on the progressive tip to its predecessor, it once again leaves you wanting more. With that in mind, I wait with baited breath for the third instalment.

Rating: 9/10

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