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Sunday 18th, April 2010
Danjo & aXess- Captivity
Updated: Wednesday 21st, April 2010

Long time trancer Danjo strikes up a new collaboration with aXess on Black Hole Recordings' long running sublabel 'In Trance We Trust'. Complete with a Skytech Remix.

Club Banger Mix:

The club banger is a really cool piece of progressive tech trance. Chunky rhythms and a cool bassline are the driving force of the club banger mix. Sweet riffs and well placed atmospheres keep the track fresh throughout the intro. Techy licks stab around before fading into the breakdown and a very nice piano makes an entrance to great effect. The piano is backed by some great orchestral instruments so create one fantastic breakdown that is rarely heard these days. The melody starts to fade in along with the kick and the orchestral elements make their last appearance before building up to the breaking point. The following drop is pure tech-fuelled madness, with swinging basses and rhythms and the main melody making another appearance. A real kick-ass track that begs to be dropped in a peaktime building set. 4/5

Skytech Remix:

Anguilla Project have been making waves recently under their Skytech alias on Coldharbour Recordings. This remix of Captivity further solidifies them as one act that has a bright future ahead of them. Taking a slightly less techy approach, Skytech take their remix is a bit more pad oriented direction with some luscious patches to do the trick. The breakdown substitutes the piano with a plucky synth, and the melody plays with some disco-ish supersaws before dropping the beat down with a squelchy bassline that totally rips! A nice alternative take to the Club Bangers more swinging approach. Good for early in the night! 4.5/5


Really cool release, great for fans of melodic techiness. Definitely recommend, but remember: listen to the store samples before your purchase! 4.5/5

Written by:
Mitchell Claxton

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