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Friday 16th, July 2010
Daniel Wanrooy - Ocean Terrace

Dutch DJ & producer Daniel Wanrooy has been part of the EDM scene since it's explosive and exciting beginning in the early nineties. His passion and love for the music is clearly evident, not only in his dedication to a full time DJ schedule from 2003, but in his superb quality productions.

'Ocean Terrace' is the latest release from Daniel Wanrooy, currently available exclusively to Beatport.com and is also one of the exclusive selections for the brand new In Search Of Sunrise 8 compilation mixed by Richard Durand on Blackhole Recordings.

The track is a testament to all that is good in trance music! It is a modern sound on a classic trance recipe. It captures a perfect balance of driving energy through it's sexy bass line of smooth, short pulses of bass whilst the lead melody is a wonderfully emotional movement of long synth string chords that set a melancholy tone throughout this tracks journey. The offset of the high frequency melody against the smooth and warm low bass frequencies give this track huge atmosphere and one can imagine the big room effect this would have in a DJ's set.

This is a true gem of a progressive trance track. It's simplicity of song structure and composition combined with perfect mastering make it a joy on the ears of EDM fans, DJ's and producers alike! We look forward to hearing more material from this rising trance & progressive star!

Rating: 5/5

Release Date: 12/07/2010 (Out now!)

Written by:
Craig Patterson

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