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Wednesday 16th, July 2008
Dance Valley 2008

The 12th of July it was time for another edition of Dance Valley, one of the biggest dance festivals in the world. The party has quite a reputation with the beautiful surroundings and the best DJ・s performing at fifteen different areas. It・s been a while since I went there, but after the absence for some years, I decided to go this year again in company of my friend Maaike.

The line-up looked absolutely smashing for the trance fan, with Tiesto, Ferry, Sander van Doorn and Breakfast on the decks. Also alot of other area・s were stuffed with big DJ names.. A couple of days before the event it looked like it would be a rainy day, which is ofcourse killing for an outdoor event. We kept hoping it would be sunny, but things looked dark during the morning.

Saturday the 12th of July I woke up and picked up my company. At ten I decided to give Twan (Dancemania on this site) a call as he was already there at the Flashover stage (Ferry Corsten・s labelstage). The forecast was bad, it was raining and it looked like it wasn・t getting better soon. We put on our old clothes and old shoes, cause we knew it was gonna be muddy over there.

The trip to the valley was a quick and solid organised one. UDC, the organisor of the party, had arranged everything very well: enough busses, no waiting rows and quick access to the party. A nice start. We picked up our press passes and decided to walk around the whole area to see every stage and listen to a various line-up of DJ・s.

The terrain was really muddy and within a few minutes our shoes and jeans were ruined unhappy No problem for us, but it was sometimes kinda dangerous and difficult not to fall in the mud at some places. We walked around at 13.00 and saw that the party wasn・t really starting yet. We checked out the mainstage, which was smaller than usual in our opinion. We then walked into the Multigroove classics tent, where DJ Dano was laying down some sick ass mellow tracks (we think it was Dano, cause we did have no festival programme). It was great to listen to the innocent mellow tracks from the mid-nineties. The Multigroove area had a great decoration with bubble bells floating in the sky and the atmosphere was amazing as well.

We decided to walk further to the Flashover stage, which was probably the biggest and most impressive stage on the festival. DJ Preach was just starting his set and our ears hurt from the massive speakers. We hooked up with Twan and he gave us some weird yellow stuff to put in our ears. This probably saved the future of our ears. Thanx Twan. We went up the hill and found out a little spot where they were playing disco classix from the seventies. We saw people dressed up in bunny-like suits and a dude playing vinyls in a caravan (with a hilarious crowd of 1 person that could fit in the caravan). Good stuff and very Dance-Valley-esque..

The weather remained cloudy and we decided to look further around. Breakfast would play pretty soon on the mainstage (and he is a T.nu member so we had to give him full support). Walking back through the area・s we found that only a few area・s really had the party started, like the Gregor Salto stage and the HQ area. And then it started to rain.. but only for a few minutes, that was all we got..luckily!

We checked out the Renaissance area first where Jimmy van M was playing a spectacularly boring set (for the twenty minutes we heard) and we decided to run away before we would fall asleep. Back to the mainstage, where the happy Breakfast was playing his tastefull combination of electrance and later on real trance. One of the highlights of the set was Southern Sun (Tiesto Remix), and ofcourse there fell a little rain during that track. The weather was full of irony that day. We also met Jon and some other t.nu members at the front of the stage, but due to the excessive loudness of the speakers we only yelled HI! and that was about it grin2 We laid ourselves on the grass and enjoyed the rest of the set and saw our neighbour enjoying one nice joint after another. Welcome to Holland.

Then we moved back to the Multigroove area where (we think) CJ Bolland was dominating the area with banging jumptechno (at least, it made us jump). Some Chinese guy came to me asking if I was a chemist and started talking delirium language to me.. hilarious ofcourse. After a quick bite (hotdog and fries) we went to the Flashover stage to see Judge Jules getting the crowd wild with a remix of Linkin Park V Numb. Average tune, great performer is the Judge though. When he played the new Push track I had a little euphoria moment. But we waited for Ferry Corsten・s performance, which was a little bit disappointing. His trackselection and mixing was nice, but we missed the real wow moments or that new track that you keep talking about for the rest of the day... We decided to check out Sander van Doorn at the mainstage and he was dominating the area with Eric Prydz latest smasher Pjano and the mindcrushing Joachim Garraud Remix of Sharam - The One.. We decided to take some pics backstage, where we also met Miss Melody, who was omfg-its-Carl-Cox-please-take-a-pic-with-me-and-him-now-ing to us. Ofcourse we from Trance.nu are utterly symphatic and decided to take 673 pictures of this moment, so that at least one was great.

Further on we took some pics of Sander doing his thing and we met some old friends and aquintances backstage. We walked on to the Flashover stage, to try to see Tiesto and Ferry and we hoped to take some pics onstage, but it was a no go area for us. We even got removed from the backstage area by the security without any reason. Too bad, because I decided to stay sober all day to actually behave myself backstage. Mental note: always get drunk backstage, otherwise you will get removed.

Tiesto played a great set although I wanted to bash him (just cause my friends do it, I dont have any opinion whatsoever), but he played an amazing set with a nice remix of Art Of Trance - Madagascar. Tiesto and Ferry back 2 back.. we missed it, cause we had to go home by public transport. The last half hour we visited Electronation (boring) and Toolroom Knights area (MASSIVE) and went home. While we walked home we heard overplayed classic after overplayed classic played by Ferry and Tijs and I decided that I didn・t miss the musical experience of my life. What we did miss were the great lasers, but next year we will stay longer.. grin2 Alltogether a great party that started off slowly, but got rocking at the end. Dance Valley still is one of the best dance festivals in the world. When you・re around, definitely visit it!

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