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Thursday 28th, March 2002
Club Holy
Updated: Tuesday 07th, October 2008

DJ lineup:
Tony Price (Sublime - UK)
Commie (Serious - UK)
G.Stefan (Holy)
DaPete (Sound of Habib)

Club Holy is the only club in Gothenburg that came up from the gutter to the high society, good or bad? According to me, it's all good. Focusing on both deep and progressive house/trance Club Holy builds up a very mature and danceable sound. I personally don't really like the progressive music but the djs mixed it with some more uplifting progressive tunes, so overall it was good.

The first dj I saw and listened to when I came to trädgårn (the venue) was Tony Price (Sublime - UK). Technically a good dj with some great mixing skills. Tony mainly focused on the house sounds and spiced it up with a couple of 'odd' tunes, like Röksopp - Poor leno. The crowd went berserk when they recognized this tune. I'm sure Tony delivered what was expected of him. Overall I'll give his set 3 out of 5 on a scale.

Next up, Commie (Serious - UK). I think Commie was somekind of headline dj. So i spent numeorus of hours trying to find some information about this UK Dj. Commie has made his name as resident at Serious at the Cross which has led to guest slots at clubs such as God's Kitchen, Slinky, Scream, Ministry of Sound, Sundissential, Brunel Rooms and many more. With his production work with Jules, Sonique and Lee Burridge as well as remixes on various tracks including Blue Adonis, PF Project and System F, he is one of the hottest young DJ's / Producers to watch out for in the next couple of years. I was hoping that a dj that remixes System F would enjoy playing a little more trancy-melodic tunes. But he didn't. Commie continued where Tony left and did it with verve. A Dj maestro with great sense of beatmixing would be a good explanation of this young dj. I like it and so did the crowd.

After Commie banged our heads with progessive house it was time for G.Stefan (Resident Holy) to take over the turntables. Like with Tony I didn't have any expectations what so ever, but this dj amazed me. I really liked his style, harder and more atmospheric progressive house/trance with a touch of melodic, it might have been a small touch, but there was still a touch. Sadly I had to leave the venue before Stefan ended his set, but next time i'll make sure to stay during the complete set.

Overall, great party! I'm really impressed that this was arranged in Gothenburg, Sweden and not in Ibiza, Spain. I've been to alot of parties worldwide and the Club Holy crew managed to capture the 'ibiza spirit' that only abroad clubs have. Two big videoscreens, big laser, great decor, superb djs, great sound, dancers and a fantastic audience made this night memorable.

Way to go Club Holy, don't give up this concept, it's a killer!

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