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Friday 10th, September 2010
Chris Schweizer - Vitality

It’s always refreshing to hear and see other parts of the globe delivering high quality electronic music, especially when it comes to trance music, toting its more European background. Young, up and coming DJ/producer Chris Schweizer who hails from Argentina delivers his “Vitality” track on Dub Tech Recordings. A three mix affair that I was keen to check out, as it’s always good to see new faces emerging in the scene.

Original Mix:
We kick things off with the original, probably my personal favourite of the whole package. A rising bass note and minimal percussion lead us into the first 45 seconds of the track. You’re then taken head on into its raw synth driven hook and techno-esque percussive feel. We’re then teased with its distorted piano melody, which reminds me of something you’d hear playing out of an old music box. Not that it’s a bad thing, it is indeed a perfect fit for this track, as we progress through the breakdown with the running melody and raw bass line.

The break leads you back into its no nonsense synth line with repeat teasing of that mystical melody in the background. As the track reaches its end, you’re eased back down to earth as the elements filter down.

Sergio Maldonado Remix:
On the more progressive trance tip, Sergio Maldonado delivers and equally powerful mix. The intro is quite a mystical build with its sly synth creeping in and out of the mix as it leads you into the track coupled with the bass line. We then begin to get glimpses of its more full on trance pads with the track’s melody subtly added to the equation. As we head into the break, the melody becomes more apparent with its low rumbling bass line and soothing pads and gentle spiritual feel. The climax reveals a darker edge, with its tech trance components becoming more apparent as we progress. A solid alternative to the original with its twists and turns, ones that keep you hooked throughout.

Thomas Heredia Remix:
Finally we have Thomas Heredia to complete the package with a classic progressive house meets uplifting trance partnership. The intro with its gentle piano chords and rolling synth ease you into the track. You’re then greeted with its full on rolling bass line, on a similar vein to some of Ronald van Gelderen’s productions. As we head into the break, sweeping pads begin to filter up as the melody begins to ring through the mix. It then holds you for a few bars, then drops away as we then hear that raw synth line. The culmination of the mix begins as all the elements so far are brought together in perfect harmony.

A very solid package from Dub Tech and an equally impressive release from Chris Schweizer, definitely one I’ll be listening to for a while. 7/10

Now available on Beatport

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