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Wednesday 19th, September 2007
Beautiful Things in the heart of Europe
Updated: Thursday 20th, September 2007

In the heart of Europe lies the city of Bratislava, a blooming capital of a small nation of Slovakia. This is also the home of Club Dopler, a place that is known for having produced a number of unforgettable trance events over the recent times. Some of these events are joined by a tradition, a phrase called the Beautiful Things. This, being also a project, has truly produced beautiful and memorable emotions by providing every clubber something very desirable and often rare - it gave them the essence of trance.

The latest edition of the beautiful series featured a grammy-nominated producer, Mike Koglin from the UK as the headliner of the event. Having been present around the scene for almost ten years, producing a number of memorable tracks and remixes, it was obvious that this night would be unique yet again. Beautiful Things nevertheless always give the chance for local DJs to spice up the events, this time featuring DJ Tompy for a starter, a rising Czech talent called Jet Fever, and of course, like every other edition of this tradition - Pico, the founder of the project.

The atmosphere in Club Dopler is unique not only thanks to the people and the music. The club itself also contributes a slice of its own, be it with decorations, special effects or simply with its natural cosy yet massive two floor look; with the second floor being basically two special VIP balconies with a view on the stage and the dancefloor. Present in the club were also for the first time the renown Ministry laser special effects. Who wouldn't obviously also notice the beautiful girls that are always present in Club Dopler. To emphasize the beauty of Slovak ladies, clubbers had the opportunity to enjoy the sexy dances of the Go Go dancers dancing up on the stage.

Shortly before midnight, the host of the Beautiful Things, DJ Pico, stepped up behind the decks and played a very pleasant set starting with the beautiful vocals of Emma Hewitt in a track by Chris Lake - Carry Me Away. Having played the memorable Another Way club mix or For An Angel from Paul van Dyke, or even the current and desirable Anthem from Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere and remixed by Nic Chagall, Pico has undoubtedly touched upon the key elements of trance. Throughout the set, he had an excellent communication with the crowd, with gestures, smiles at times resembling Johan Gielen. The crowd loved every minute of the set, cheering Pico's name as his music choices were excellent. As if to remind everyone that they are experiencing beautiful things, he played a track of the same name by Andain, remixed by Gabriel and Dresden.

Towards the end of Pico's set, Mike Koglin was speaking to a number of lucky people that made it into the backstage, discussing his first emotions from what he has seen in the club after having a quick peek from the VIP balcony. Mike mentioned the excellent sound system in the club, the Ministry lasers and of course the crowd as well. Mike also talked about his own remix of Cassandra Fox's legendary Touch Me song, which he mixed together with Jono Grant. He was specifically pointing to the fact that he has heard a number of other good remixes of the track and that he is surprised that these mixes were never officially released. Having talked about the track was nevertheless an obvious hint towards his set later on.

At half past one in the morning, Mike Koglin came on stage to continue with the great show started by Pico. There was possibly no better way to start of his musical journey than by playing Touch Me. As the song started, lights in the club were completely dimmed out, and Ministry Lasers pumped up to maximum producing a number of beautiful animations like a dancing woman in bikinis, or simply emphasizing in big letters the name of Mike Koglin. As Cassandra Fox's vocals were floating around, people were singing along, as this is undoubtedly a song that is known worldwide. At this time, there was no doubt Mike knew how his set would develop.

The laser show gradually turned from animations to massive spectrum of lights supported by a well dense fog. Dancing to floating laser waves of all colors in a club like Dopler, was undoubtedly a goose skin experience to all. Mike Koglin's set went through a number of developments, touching upon techtrance that reminded people of the likes of Sander van Doorn or at times Marco V, and also moving to what I call - pure energetic trance. Mike played a number his own new releases, also playing 'Reloaded', currently hammered by Tiesto on Elements of Life tour. Nevertheless, it's best if you read what Mike had to say about the Beautiful Things on his own:

"I've had a really great time at Beautiful Things in Bratislava. Dopler is a wicked club with a great sound system, and the crowd was simply amazing! I was able to play a few of my new releases that night - of course I played 'Reloaded', currently hammered by Tiesto on his Elements Of Life tour, which is out now on my label Noys Music. I've also played the new Nick Larson remix of my next release on Anjunabeats, 'Mike Koglin vs Mark Pledger - All The Way', it sounded fantastic and the crowd went mental! wink And I could play my brand new re-work of my '99 hit 'On My Way' which will be re-released with a bunch of new remixes later this year. My new version is a funky electro - trance kinda thing, and it certainly worked extremely well on the dance floor! A big THANKS to all the people who came to see me at Dopler, I hope to be back in Slovakia soon!"

To many clubbers that night, the music they heard at these Beautiful Things was the true Essence of Trance. The music was massively energetic and dance-able. To my surprise, many reporters and photographers put away their cameras and simply danced. As Mike's time-slot was approaching the official end of his set, the crowd was cheering "Koglin... Koglin... Koglin..." in the calm parts of the set. I guess wer weren't surprised at all when Mike decided that "no, I am not going to end," and he played an extra half an hour, waving, clapping, dancing and simply enjoying the beautiful things.

Eventually he had to end, and on stage came Jet Fever from Czech Republic at around four o'clock in the morning. It is common that whenever a headliner ends his set, the crowds usually filter out and many people leave. At these Beautiful Things however, this was not the case as the same density of people simply had to stay and continue dancing. Jet Fever played something that perfectly fit into the night. He started of by playing a superb tech trance for a starter - Sander van Doorn's remix of King Of My Castle. Continuing on with other energetic tracks like John O'Callaghan's remix of Thomas Bronzwear's Constelation.

Overall, there is no doubt that Beautiful Things were produced and felt yet again. This event carries no negatives, but a huge number of superlatives: be it the club, the people, the music, the effects, the weather, but to stress it again, most of all THE ESSENCE OF TRANCE.

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