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Monday 29th, March 2010
Bart Claessen - Elf
Updated: Sunday 01st, August 2010

Over the years, Bart has always had a sound of his own, and has become consistent only in staying unique and maintaining that techy flare. From Barthezz to his Remo-Con rework to his recent Riva remix, he rarely sticks to one formula for too long. His latest release comes in the shape of "Elf" on Anjunabeats, featuring two mixes and his lovely remix of Paul Keeley "Paper Jet."

Original Mix

The original is rather deep and dark, affair with soft but driving techy drums and a fat bassline. The bass slowly builds up before the track crashes into the break. Lush pads, a background piano arp and a few other synthy bits make their way in before the gorgeous straight saw lead drops in. The break is gorgeous and although it's very warm and uplifting, it doesn't sound standard or cliche at all. The buildup pushes out all the melodies and with a snare roll and rising saw, the bass flares up and the track kicks back into gear. The rhythmic percussion and bass are pretty much the only focus until the lovely lead sweeps back up moments later. Very impressive and well-produced!

2001 Returning Mix

Similar in nature but slightly different in design, the 2001 mix is a bit cleaner and both more melodic and to the point than the original. A punchier kick drum and tribal percussion are quickly joined by lush pads and a slightly deeper bassline. The break features many of the elements from the original and a massive drop brings in the chorus right away without the wait, featuring the pads, lead and other melodic elements from the track. This will probably suit the uplifting fans more than the original as it focuses more on melody and harmony.

Paul Keeley "Paper Jet" (Bart Claessen Big Room Remix)

Bart features more of a techy flare with his quirky "Paper Jet" remix. Funky percussion lay a groovy foundation for incoming dreamy pads , a deep bassline and various arps. The track continues to build and build, then drops off into its first breakdown only to pick up and build some more. Finally the track fades into the big breakdown, introducing the original saw lead which fits rather well in this clubbier setting. The chorus sounds pretty similar to the rest of the song but slightly more massive. This track is 8:49 but contains not a dull moment. In short, this is a fantastic tech-trance-prog remix with great atmosphere and fantastic production.


After listening for weeks on end, this release is my favorite from Anjunabeats so far this year. Out of the pack I think I prefer the 2001 Returning Mix but "Paper Jet" comes close! Definitely a must buy. 4.5/5

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