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Wednesday 02nd, September 2009
Barcelona Summer Week Report

DJ’s: Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Erick Morillo, David Guetta and many more…
Date: 7th of August
Place: Next to the Olympic Stadium, Mt Juic, Barcelona
Pictures Esther

Barcelona is one the best cities I have visited and the Barcelona Summer Week party was one of the coolest party’s I ever visited. During our trip trough the northern regions of Spain (an absolutely fantastic part of Spain: Basque Country, Aragon and Catalunya) we ofcourse had to visit Barcelona, the city that mixes culture, lifestyle and history seamlessly in every corner. Lucky us we visited at the same time the Barcelona Summer Week was on.

The Barcelona Summer Week is a week full of party’s throughout the city’s hottest clubs with some huge names from all over the world. Every night you can party! And they know how to party in Barcelona. The final two days of the BSW there were two huge party’s near the Olympic Stadium at the city’s Mont Juic, a mountain with a spectacular view on Barcelona. This turned out to be a dream location at night, but more about that later. After a day walking at the Ramblas and checking out the harbor in a boat, it was time to check back into the hotel to get ready for the big party.

We booked a hotel nearby so it was just a 4 min taxiride up the mountain. The party started at 16.00, but it was way too hot, so we decided to go around 20.30, expecting the big names later that night. We walked back and forth to see where we could pick up the press tix and my Spanish is crap. Well after 20 minutes searching we found a small stand hidden behind a Coka Cola stand and could go inside.
The party was not in the Olympic Stadium, but right next to it, and it was gorgeous. Probably the best location I ever partied. Lit up little waterfalls and a huge square with a view on the city in the night gave the night a surreal atmosphere. There were two areas: a main one with the big jocks and another one a little lower, which was pretty much empty all night (the DJ’s could have played polka music, nobody would even know/care/hear etc.

So we went right to the mainstage to listen to the final sounds of the South African duo Goldfish Live. A nice experience and they warmed up the crowd very well. The atmosphere was amazing, but what was also amazing that it didn’t seem to be sold out. Maybey 3000 to 4000 people were on the party, but I think the organization aimed at at least 25% more? We don’t know, but we did not care as it made the party even more relaxed, because there was plenty of space for everybody.

No timetable was handed out, so we had no idea who was going to play when. Did we miss David Guetta? Would Tiesto stil perform? Where was Armin? Who the hell is that guy on stage putting on funny faces in the camera? That turned out to be David Oleart, a local DJ, playing a great vocal houseset, with some hits, but the crowd loved it and he felt the atmosphere perfectly. Amazing.

Next up would be Tiesto and to be honest, he played a fantastic set. A great, tech-house/techno-set with little to none cheesy easy trancetracks. He outdid himself and the crowd loved every minute of it (and me too, after the disappointing performance I saw earlier this year in Amsterdam). Great stuff. The only downside is that Tiesto does not allow the press backstage when he is playing. Don’t know what happened to him (or with him), but this is rather strange in my opinion. He also dived right into a closed place before his set. Let’s hope he’s not turning into the Michael Jackson of trance now happy

After Tiesto’s set we went all the way back and sat on the stairs, overviewing the crowd and chilling out to Erick Morillo’s amazing set. He played a lot of house classics (and Ibiza classics) and mash-ups with a deep house sauce layer (sounds sexy when I read it back). A stunning set again!

Next up was Antoine Clamaran, the French house DJ who started. We decided to head back to the VIP area to take a nice view at Barcelona and check out the people. Usually the VIP-lounge is full of snobs, but this VIP-room was cosy (and the drinks were free, which probably helped). Somewhere there Armin suddenly start playing instead of Antoine Clamaran, who must have played for not even an hour then.

Armin played a typical tranceset, we’ve heard more of this sets from him and I was not really blown away by his performance, but the crowd loved his anthems and didn’t let their arms down for the full 1,5 hour. We also saw Ruben de Ronde hanging around there, who was pretty surprised to see some Dutchies suddenly pop up behind him. Good fun.

Armin finished and this was the end of the party and what a great one it was. A superb crowd (Spanish people can party), a gorgeous location. Drinks were expensive though (we heard), but we just could not find anything wrong with this excellent organized party. Barcelona is true recommendation to visit and especially during the next Barcelona Summer Week!

Thnx to Kate Matheou @ IMD & Silvia Rodriguez @ Flague Internacional for arranging our access.

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