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Tuesday 02nd, March 2010
Andy Tau - Hidden Message

Andy Tau has been showing the trance & progressive scene that there is more than one top class producer coming out of Scotland named Andy! And I say this with the greatest respect to Mr Duguid!

A string of excellent productions have been steadily coming out of Andy Tau's studio and his brand new, first release for 2010 continues to uphold his building reputation.

'Hidden Message' seems to pick up right from where his stellar production 'Falling' left off. Almost as though he hadn't turned his synth on again since 'Falling' and the patch used for the pads was were he began his inspirations for 'Hidden Message'! But that is were the similarities end, 'Hidden Message' is a brand new track in every respect.

Whilst 'Falling' was a driving progressive trance track, 'Hidden Message' is more on the deep and sombre side of the trance rainbow of sounds. Deep building trance pads overlaid with a bright and uplifting melody. The first breakdown teases at the storming synths capabilities before gently dropping back into the subtle melodies, the intricate kicks and percussion and the warm caress of the bass line. The kick has punch and energy but it is the tempo of the kick and the mellow bass line that give this track it's serene and chilled feeling.
The second breakdown allows the synths to organically build up to a point of huge, almost orchestral depth and power, before dropping back into the bright, short and sweet melodies. It is the excellent quality as well as the delicateness of Andy Tau's touch in this production that make it such a pleasurable listening journey.

Rating: 4/5

Dan Stone Remix
Dan Stone keeps the building trance synth breakdown from the original and injects some blood pumping beats, some hissing snares, some short analog synth stabs melodies and a more driving bass line.
As a remix it works well as the track has an almost new identity whilst retaining some of the great elements from the original.

Rating: 4/5

Icone Remix
The Icone remix also brings the tempo up a few notches and the bass line into a more driving trance style. The drum percussions as well as the quickened pad melodies in the background make for a very melodic trance listen.
The breakdown synths are replaced with a more cool and less invasive sound which I have to say loses much of the original track's presence and energy.

Rating: 3.5/5

Pamuya Remix
An interesting blend of percussions layered over a bass drum kick give the foundation for this remix a trance house feel. The big synth breakdowns are kept the same in this mix with the bright, uplifting melody from the original mix being replaced with a more melancholy and somber sound which, although very similar in sound, still manage to add a different colour and flavour from the original mix.

Rating: 4/5

Release Date: 23/02/2010 (Out Now!)


Written by:
Craig Patterson

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