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Wednesday 05th, November 2008
Andy Duguid - Believe
Updated: Wednesday 12th, November 2008

I haven't been following Andy Duguid the past years, but I know he's done some pretty popular remixes and tracks the past years for Black Hole. Dont Belong and Wasted were included on Tiesto's bestselling compilation In Search Of Sunrise and he has done a couple of remixes as well. When checking out the booklet, I found a nice personal story about him and the things that happened in the past few years. I really like that personal touch to an album and was ready for a listening session.

The opening is excellent with a nice ambient part, which flows nicely into the first track of the album called Don't Belong ft Leah, his first track on Black Hole Recordings in 2007. A spacey and floating trancer in true ISOS style. Falling goes a bit deeper and it's a bit darker, but still very atmospheric. Vocals are really good again in this track and really add to the depth of this great cross of prog and trance.

Wasted is the other big track from the Scottish bloke. It's pretty much about the breakdown in this track which delivers a nice deep moment, but to be honest the rest of the track is a bit dull. Original, but it's dragging on for too long.

We get a bit rawer and dirtier with Hold My Breath, a tad more electro inspired dance track feat some male vocals. This is a remix by Andy of a track with Solarstone and Mr Sam (or something like that). I really love Andy's clean and crisp sounds, he can even make dirtier tunes sound warm. The breakdown of this tune is freakin epic. Amazing stuff!

And now one of my favourites on the album: The Crossing. Seldom have i heard a spacier melody than this intense deep and haunting trancer, a great example of original and non-generic trancemusic.

To The Floor is again a danceable dancetrack with an electric bite. The vocals by I-Fan are pretty annoying though, despite the excellent production. A skiptrack for me. You Got My Number is a pretty cool electronic dancetrack that takes 4 minutes and features some fun vocals, which I am pretty sure that the UK crowds love.

Touching Ground sounded alot like something like a laidback Tiesto track. Spacey vocals and light basslines make this a really cool and chill trancer with a dreamy mood. Again a very good tune!

Run... I am gonna say it again, Andy Duguid has done an excellent job of this track, a nice piano, crisp clean production and beautiful vocals work into a superb enchantin melody.

White Sands is the final track, a superb slice of vocal ambient, sounds like a ballad actually with some excellent piano. The vocals take some time to get used to, but play this for your girlfriend and she'll melt away (and do the dishes for you, also handy).

My, my, my, what a great debut album by this dude. Excellent production, very diverse, but solid as a package. How the hell can someone from Scotland (doesnt it rain always over there) produce such a nice row of warm tracks happy. This is one of my favourite albums of the year.

1 Inspiration Of A Belief (1:40)
2 Don't Belong (6:47)
3 Falling (8:16)
4 Wasted (7:34)
5 Hold My Breath (with Mr Sam ft Solarstone) (Andy Duguid Remix) (8:13)
6 The Crossings (6:07)
7 To The Floor (6:09)
8 My Number (4:27)
9 Touching Ground (7:15)
10 Run (6:19)
11 White Sands (5:02)


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