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Sunday 30th, September 2007
Amurai vs Static Blue - After the Sunrise
Updated: Monday 10th, December 2007

Amurai and Static Blue deliver the goods with their collaboration titled "After the Sunrise". Dual remixes come from leading trance stars Alex MORPH & Woody Van Eyden as well as from rising Danish talent Daniel Kandi and Manvel (Amurai) himself. Caned by all the top jocks, this release warrants no introduction. Let's take a further look:

Original Mix

Amurai churns out a reworked version of the original mix that was aired on TATW ages ago. Bouncing percussion, driving bass and interesting guitar twists keep the intro fresh and energetic. Various synths add as a nice uplifting backdrop as the track just gets warmed up. The breakdown features the definitive synthetic guitar riff, which is rather spectacular. A distorted synth riff filters in as the guitar takes a dive, which is delicious as well. The track builds up with a kick roll and FX sweep, bringing in the chorus. The guitar riff, distorted synth and pads all hold our attention whilst subtle chord changes take place. A bit of variation on the chord progression keeps things fresh as the chorus comes to an end. Before you know it, the guitar and chords are gone and the track is winding down. A driving, uplifting and overall enjoyable affair, this track has been worth the wait. This mix also proves why Static Blue has been on the rise for the last year.

Alex MORPH b2b Woody Van Eyden Full-On Remix

The lengthy remix title says it all - this one is a peak-time full-on trancer. Driving percs start off the show, soon bringing in a stomping kick and a unique bassline courtesy of a few FX. Sweeping synths and plucks keep the track moving along until the breakdown drops in. The guitar is featured yet again, as are some tasty pads and an in-your-face saw which filters up rather nicely. A grand buildup in the traditional MORPH style brings in the chorus, which features the guitar, saw lead and the chord progression from the original. Not as uplifting as the original, but definitely more energetic and peak-time friendly. For those who are more fond of the 2006 MORPH sound rather than his recent work, this one's perfect for you.

Alex MORPH b2b Woody Van Eyden Dark As Dub

A darker, techier affair, this one is quite the contrast from its predecessor. Progressive-sounding percussion starts things off, soon accompanied by a dark, almost moogy bassline. Many melodic aspects are similar to the original, rather the percussion lacks the punch and drive. The breakdown features the same elements from the original, without the massive buildup. The same lead filters in from before, backed by a rolling snare to ease in the chorus. The chorus again features the guitar, saw and bassline. Enjoyable, but definitely not as powerful as the full-on remix. This mix will suit the more progressive-minded individuals.

Daniel Kandi Rising Remix

Dan's mix is a very uplifting and driving interpretation in the typical Anjuna fashion. A solid kick starts things off, backed by filtering percs and a driving filtering bass. The guitar riff has been replaced by tasty Daniel Kandi distorted blips, which are undeniably good. The rolling bass in all its glory is pretty tasty, as are the pads that make an appearance along with the chord progression. The high-end plucks and lower blips that appear moments make things even better before the breakdown rolls in. The break features the blips and pads for a moment before the lead saw takes over. A massive buildup deservingly brings in the chorus, which boasts the beautiful saw, pads and that innovative chord progression. Subtle piano riffs sound off and on before the chorus comes to a close. A second verse takes form, holding on for a minute before a brief break brings in another chorus. A massive, hands in the air production proving why Dan's in demand at the moment. Simply beautiful and a bit more out-of-the-box than his recent works.

Manvel Ter-Pogosyan Remix

Simple, chunky percussion starts things off, soon accompanied by a simple bass and smooth synths. An almost distorted lead filters in, soon followed by the appearance of an-almost guitar-like riff as well as a shift in the chord progression. The bass is too thin to handle the changing chord progression by itself so things sound a bit confused at this point. The track soon fades away and the breakdown begins. The guitar from the original takes hold, soon accompanied by the plucky guitar-like riff from earlier. The chorus is much of the same, backed by the unfiltered synths from earlier on. Not as mesmerizing nor interesting as the original, this mix just doesn't do the track justice.


All in all, 4 very powerful mixes with Daniel Kandi's Rising Mix as the standout track. Definitely one of the best releases this year! 5/5

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