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Sunday 11th, September 2005
Amurai - The Amurai EP

The Amurai EP is the latest release on Empire State Records, which is the label brought to us by the mega talented US duo Filo & Peri. The boys have made their name of late with some deep, proggy tracks and remixes (most notably for Will Holland and Deepsky) and this 2 tracker by Amurai is a bit of a change of pace with some pumping trance sounds in there. We loved the last release on ESR - 'Closer Now' which had a stomping Whiteroom remix, so lets see if this one lives up to that standard...

Reminiscent of You

The first track on the EP has a very Anjuna-ish style to the opening minutes, with pumping bass, soft yet uplifting synths and female "aaah" and "oooh" vocals adding nicely to the mix. A fairly standard break introduces the main melody, and although nicely done it doesn't really present anything too challenging or original to the listener. Having said that, the chord sequence is sweet and all the sounds are very well produced so if the Above & Beyond style of old is your bag then you'll lap this up!

Beautiful Dreamer

The very beginning of this track is much more interesting than the whole of 'Reminiscent of You' with a reversed piano and interesting vocal and synth snippets quickly bringing in a pumping beat. Again this takes off in the Above & Beyond style, this time with twinkly pianos added to the mix alongside the aahs and the synths. The piano takes centre stage during the break as well, with low passed strings and synths gradually fading up in the time tested trance manner. Again this seems squarely aimed at ASOT and TATW but doesn't really live up to the promise of the opening few bars.


This is a distinctly average release and a bit of a disappointment from Empire State given the high standard the label owners are setting for themselves. There is certainly nothing wrong with either track on the disc and I'm sure it'll work perfectly well on the dancefloor, but given 6 months I somewhat doubt many people will remember it. Lets hope for better things from the label on it's next release!

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