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Sunday 18th, April 2010
Afternova- Serenity
Updated: Thursday 22nd, April 2010

After a remix for Abora under the 'Active Visions' guise, Afternova returns with cinematic trancer 'Serenity', complete with remixes from Andy Blueman and Sulaco

Original Mix:

Serenity in its original form is a mellow melodic trancer filled with sweet melodies and a gorgeous breakdown. This mix starts off very mellow with a dubby bassline and atmospheric FX wandering through the spectrum. An equally mellow riff takes stage before mellowing out with some teasing piano and strings followed by a swift decay into the breakdown. Cinematic euphoria is the main element in what makes this breakdown so spectacular. Emotional strings delight with their epic presence before the melody sparks up. There is no real buildup, and no real climax, and that disappointed me quite a bit because; when the drop happens, all that's present is the melody, the subbass, and the drums. However, later on the strings kick back in and send shivers in all directions as they are just beautiful. Fantastic musical aspect, but a tad too basic for my taste. 3/5

Andy Blueman Remix:

The star of this package, the Andy Blueman remix, is what I like to call a 'creative masterpiece' of trance, meaning the ideas and musicality of the remix are amazing, though there may be some lacking in the mixdown area. The remix immediately kicks off with loads of suspense. In true Blueman style, banging drums and a rolling saw bassline drive the track to great heights. Great riffs and an utterly teasing piano riff just hype up the track so much that you can't wait to see what's coming next. Early hints of orchestral strings appear right before the breakdown. The breakdown seems to be what Andy Blueman lives for, emotional oriental style strings immediately pick up and take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride. There is a great progression in the strings and it builds so much that you wish there was a full orchestra in front of you performing this piece. Mr. Blueman utilizes the lead from the original mix, while adding his supersaw arpeggios to accompany it and drive this track in full-out epicness as it build and build and builds before losing the main melody and dropping with force. Then everything hits, melody and pads for a bittersweet moment before entering the outro. GREAT remix, however the mixdown isn't perfect, would sound like a nightmare in a club probably. However, I'm very willing to overlook that because overall this remix is delightful. Full marks! 5/5

Andy Blueman Orchestral Remix:

Andy Blueman does what he loves best with a non-trance, orchestral take on Serenity. Much like if you took the breakdown of his main remix (based off the original's breakdown), and made an extended mix for it. Gorgeous instruments from around the world that tell a story in this gorgeous rendition. Not much to say about this, except that this is for all those who love Andy Blueman's cinematic style breakdowns. You can just close your eyes and you'd start to see a epic style fantasy romance film playing in your head. This remix is a real tearjerker. Full marks again! 5/5

Sulaco Remix:

Solarstone's fave of the bunch is the Sulaco remix which ups the drive a little bit, making this track more club friendly with a balearic tone. A punchy kicks jump starts this balearic beast and quickly pushes all the percussion forward. Sulaco plays out some cool guitar riffs while deconstructing towards the breakdown. Wasting no time, the breakdown kicks off with a different main melody than the original, slowly building up the whole way until kicking back up with the drums in a very progressive style reminiscent of 2005 era trance. I can definitely see why Solarstone loves this remix, although the remix doesn't have much in common with the original. Great remix. 4/5


Great release, Andy Blueman is definitely the star of this release, but all mixes are great. I recommend all of them, but remember, take a listen to the samples in the stores before you purchase. 4.5/5

Written by:
Mitchell Claxton

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