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Sunday 09th, September 2007
AB Project - Misconceptions
Updated: Monday 10th, December 2007

After their hugely successful single "Eternal Optimism", AB Project return with a monster follow-up single on Mondo titled "Misconceptions". "Misconceptions" is a warm and massive trancer which features huge remixes from Ehren Stowers, Tom Colontonio and Soliquid. If you enjoyed their last single, AB Project's latest is definitely one release that you won't want to miss!

Original Mix

The original is a driving, uplifting affair featuring steady percussion and lush FX from the start. The bassline gradually filters in over a 32 measure increment and is finally ushered in with a dramatic FX sweep and bitcrushing effect, which was pretty cool. The effects used throughout the track are actually pretty impressive. A few synthy bits appear, alongside the full bassline, and a few catchy stabs. A brief break features some lovely pads, which are too quickly snatched up and swirled around with more clever FX. A catchy acid riff appears when the track kicks back in, followed by filtered pads, which gradually build up to the point that the track can't hold the weight, thus it slowly descends into the chorus. Once the lengthy intro is finally over, the pads filter back up. A playful, distorted pluck lead pops into view after an FX sweep but it doesn't last. A harsh buzzy stab quickly fades in and a grand FX sweep picks the tune back up on its feet. The percussion slowly builds, and one more FX sweep shifts things back in a different direction. The buzz disappears and the beautiful pads and lead appear, backed by the driving bass and synthy FX. The chord progression is very warm and original. The chorus ends suddenly and the track starts to wind down all too soon. I'm not sure why the track is named "Misconceptions", as it seems too bright and beautiful to be called as such. Overall a stellar production, easily outshadowing "Eternal Optimism" in my humble opinion. Definitely one to check out for those who prefer uplifting, driving trance, much to the caliber of Anjuna and Somatic.

Ehren's Massive Riff Remix

This one's been doing the rounds in Above & Beyond's playlists as of late, and with good reason. Driving percussion and FX start things off, much like the original. The bass makes a more willing appearance and the pads this time around are side-chained and filter in rather early as well. A brief breakdown and buildup introduce the lovely chord progression. A minute later, the track dips into the breakdown and everything gradually filters down. A few FX bits sweep in and out before Ehren's Massive Riff appears. The riff is simply the playful pluck from the original but replaced with a sharp, sustaining synth which a bit of an edge. The riff disappears for a brief moment as subtle playful plucks and a few side melodies filter in. It returns 16 measures later as a snare roll approaches and the synths filter in completely. The chorus is indeed massive, featuring the sublime pads, sublime riff, synths and side melodies and bassline on top of the driving percussion. A brief break re-introduces the chorus which lasts for a brief duration before finally giving up. The track thereafter slowly fades out and comes to a close without re-introducing the riff once more.

Tom Colontonio Remix

Tom delivers a crisp and banging remix with his rendition of "Misconceptions". Storming percussion and buildups dominate the early portions of this track, not to mention the driving, persistent basslines. Stabs and plucks are gradually incorporated as the tune moves on. FX sweeps help ease transitions such as the slight breakdown and buildup that brings in the side-chained pads, which are richer and fuller this time around. After a moment or two the track quickly unwinds and the break emerges. The majestic pads (which are not side-chained this time) filter in, featuring the lovely chord progression. Tom's own interpretation of the lead is rather tasty, simply being a clear synthy pluck. The piano that he incorporated is simple yet beautiful. The percussion slowly begins to build and soon enough that horn of sorts pops in as the track drastically builds back up. Instead of featuring the chord progression eventually like in the original mix, the buzzy horn is the main focus of the chorus. Another big FX sweep brings the chorus to a close, but a moment later the pads filter back in, sounding very similar to the tail end of the introduction of the remix. Once the pads begin to filter down, slowly the track deconstructs and eventually ends. This remix is definitely the perfect remix for peaktime as it has a definite hands in the air feeling to it. If you're a fan of the trancey sound that Discover offers, than this will be up your alley.

Soliquid Walking on Clouds Remix

A rather techno-influenced interpretation, Soliquid shows off a gritty, moodier side to "Misconceptions" while still keeping the warmth. Crunchy, blippy percs start things off, backed by warm pads and soft FX sweeps. Odd Fx and crunchy percussive sounds drop in and out repeatedly - not like anything I've quite heard before. The pluck from the original appears about 2-3 minutes which reminds us that this track is a remix of "Misconceptions". The track winds down and a distorted lead appears, similar in the nature of the pluck which reappears a brief moment later. A breakbeat section emerges, featuring the pluck, distorted lead and even a rendition of that buzzy horn from the original. As quickly as the breakbeat section began, it's over and the track returns to its previous, techy state. The pluck eventually reappears, as does the distorted lead. In my opinion this remix makes me a bit sleepy. It's rather slow, there's nothing that really stands out and everything's painfully soft. Not my style, but definitely something for those who can appreciate techno and minimal music. Highly creative and original though, that much is undeniable.


Overall a very powerful package. Each mix offers something unique, even if 3 of the mixes are full-on uplifting productions. They are powerful remixes after all. Soliquid's mix doesn't appeal to me but just like the original, Tom Colontonio and Ehren Stowers mixes, it has seen a lot of support from top jocks and average trance fans alike. In the end I'd have to go with the original mix as it packs a great amount of energy and warmth as well as great use of FX. 4/5 for this release.

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