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Tuesday 24th, August 2010
Hodel & JP Bates - Nowhere

After their massive "Mirrors" on Perceptive earlier this year, Bjorn and JP team up again to deliver another melodic number with an Anjuna resident on remix duties. "Mirrors" was a personal favorite of mine (especially that Lax remix!) so I was glad to hear these two were back again with a follow-up. The release has just appeared on Beatport, so those of you who are considering it may be interested in reading the following official t.nu assessment:

Original Mix

The original is a driving, synth-packed number with a good amount of emotion and the theme is definitely different than most uplifting trance out there at the moment. Great percussion and a lush synthy atmosphere set up a good stage for something big. The breakdown is very nice and the soaring lead gives the listener a dark, mourning feeling without getting too dramatic. Supersaws take over during the chorus but it feels like the track lacks a defining, memorable lead. Still nice overall.

Dimension Remix

Dimension take a bouncey, Oliver Smith and Breakfast-inspired approach to the euphoric original. A 909 kickdrum and distorted percs are quickly joined by offbeat bass and synth plucks and pads. The theme is present from the start and although the breakdown produces a nice piano, the track fails to deliver a memorable lead.

Nitrous Oxide Remix

After N2O's last single on Anjunabeats, I wasn't expecting much but fortunately he made up for his previous effort and churned out a real beauty. Pounding drums, a playful arp and a fantastic bass dominate the intro, which quickly leads into a bright, gorgeous breakdown featuring some nice broken beats. This is the Nitrous we all fell in love with! The breakdown is almost 2 minutes long but N2O keeps things interesting and before you know it, the track is in full chorus mode. The lead supersaw chords are nothing groundbreaking but they hit all the right notes and work so well. Fantastic!


The Nitrous remix is the pick of the bunch and definitely worth buying. I'm already looking forward to the next collab between Hodel & JP Bates, assuming there is one. 4/5 overall.

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